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John Greco website?

Mar 18, 1999
Does anyone know if there is a website or an email address for Greco Knives? Any thought on his La Duena big chopper?
I don't think he has a website, don't know about an email address. The newest issue of Tactical Knives has a good review of the La Duena. If it's anything like his other blades it's solid as hell. If it fits your requirements I'm sure you couldn't go wrong w/ picking one up. He stands by his products and his customer service is great.
John sells his knives through most of the well known online Custom knife sites, he doesn't currently have his own Website.

If you are interested in his blades I would recommend contacting Larry at http://www.bladeart.com John recently sent some Models to Larry that have a new tough Matte Black Coating and more ergonomic handles. One of these models is the Defender which I should be receiving any day.... can't wait!

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Thanks guys. The new TK article is what got me interested in the La Duena. I will check out Bladeart.