John Greco

I jumped off the interstate a few days ago and wandered through a maze of Kentucky backroads until I found John Greco's place. I was impressed with his operation. He has a large custom shop and is turning out quite a few blades in the Kentucky hills. John also makes a lot of his own machinery to do particular tasks for building knives.

John's also one hell of a nice guy to sit around and bull**** with. He has some new projects coming up that are interesting so keep your eyes on Greco.


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Well I'll be damned.... Wish I would have known you were coming, I live about 10 miles from John.... Pretty cool guy!

That Greensburg is one hoppin town, huh?


I don't think John has entered the computer age as yet. When I saw him last year he said that web access in the area was still very primitive.

Perhaps, if you visit him from time to time, you can take your camera along and post a few of Pictures of John's latest designs.