Jan 27, 1999
I know that many of you on this site are members....but there are only 3 million nra members and almost 60 million gun owners... they are the ONLY organization that is holding the line for our rights and the 2nd ammendment...and no...they are not perfect. but if we dont get behind them...with our dollars....and our support....we will soon be like semi auto anything....single shot rifles and dbl bbl the most....its happening everywhere...austrailia, new zealand...dont think it cant happen here...please...get to their site and JOIN>>>>or we all lose...thanks.....
Austrailia recently had a Politician propose legislation to ban certain types of Knives,including Custom and Collectable knives!
Thaks for getting the word out guys. I'm already a junior member, but you guys have a good point about them being the only organization supporting our rights. Especially with all of these crazy kids in our schools shooting people, we need an organization who realize its not the guns fault. Before anyone accuses me of not caring on that issue because I'm not there, I am there. It sickens me that things like that can happen, but if they don't use a gun, they'll use a knife, if not a knife, a rock, etc. You can't outlaw insanity, but you can strap it to an electric chair or put it in prison for life. Electric chair only for murder, rape etc.

Just because I talk to myself doesn't mean I'm crazy. What's wrong with getting a second opinion?
Also you can join as a associate member for only $10.00. same benefits but no magazine.Heck the $1000.00 gun loss insurance you get is worth that.

As a U.S. citizen living in Ontario, at least for a while, I had to leave my pistols on the U.S. side or they would be history....gone.
Two are matching custom blue/nickel Colt .380's, but their 4" barrels make them banned. The gun laws are something else here.
The way I understand it the laws are getting tougher also. Re-registering every year every gun you own from .22 and pellet on up also crossbows.
The American will be shooting single shots and bolt actions (limit 3 shots) before long if your not paying attention to what goes on in Washington.
From Canada: Things are very tight here, & are getting tighter! I think that tough legislation will reach the States. It will just take a little longer due to the NRA (all the best to them) & the amount of gun owners there. I believe that this is world govt. trying to disarm Joe Public from their fire power. We already have govt. down our throats & in our pockets daily. Can you imagine how bad things will be when we have no teeth to bite back with
...One day people will wake-up & look around them & have no money, no jobs, mass unemployment, through the roof taxes (& for those taxes paid, we will get no benefits, as everything will be the user pay system). Two classes of people will exist: The rich(govt) & those who work for them. Being told what you have to do for work, when & how. Cops dressed in citizen control garb kicking down your door because some spy you have for a neighbor, trying to get brownie points, calls the authorities to tell them that you may have an illegal butter knife in your house, & don't bother saying "you cant do that, I have rights". Govt's. have been chipping away at them very methodically for many years, & any that we do have left will evaporate very quickly once we loose grip of our guns.
I could go on for quite a while, but I'll shut the hell up now cause if you haven't guessed, I get pretty hot on this subject. I don't care much for govt's, or being controlled.
They try to justify themselves by telling us how much safer we will all be with no guns. Seems to me that prostitution is outlawed & if I wanted to go downtown to buy one right now I could. Just the same way that, that bad guy will go buy himself a gun when he wants to break into your home & do what he pleases, & he will feel 10 times as big now because the chances are, the law abiding citizens that he is about to violate, IS NOT ARMED!!!
Goining the NRA is a good idea. Joining The Gun Owners of America is IMO a much better one. The NRA is a toothless tiger,in striving to keep a seat at the table they`ve traded away far too many of our rights already. They continue to endorse the lesser of 2 antigunners instead of a progunner who isn`t as likely to win etc. Things will never be set right by letting things get worse little by little. Losing slowly is still losing. The GOA accepts no compromises and get`s the job done by being a thorn in the side of those who would take away our rights not by trying to be their buddys. After the guns the knives are next,support the GOA. Marcus
Marcus, could you link us to more information on the GOA? Thanks.

I've been a life member for years. Yeah, they
have made mistakes in the past. We do need to support the NRA.

All of us should join the American Knife and Tool & Institute. /

They are working to be sure you can collect and enjoy knives. I was an NRA member for years too but they did a few things that ticked me off and I went over to GOA. What the heck if you have the green support em both! Marcus
thats right....join both...if you dont have the money....dont worrry,,,pretty soon you wont be able to have any guns either if we dont work on it right now....
Is this topic kniferelated in any way? I saw the same thread under the good, the bad and the ugly forum named "Best deal ever". Maybe it's posted in every forum? Why? In my opinion this thread don't belong here, maybe in fits the political forum. Or maybe it should be posted in a "Gun forum". Just an opinion, my opinion...


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Jonas- This in my opinion is very much a knife related topic.

The current attack on your RIGHT as a citizen to legally own a gun is simply another step in the ongoing battle to disarm the masses.

The second wave of the disarming process will be focused on knives, we are already starting to see this trickle down in effect.

If anyone would like to discuss this issue based on fact, please email me.
Just sent in my first $25 payment towards my NRA LIFE Membershop (29 more quarterly installments to go). I should have joined back in the early 80's when it was a lot cheaper! Hopefully, this small amount of money allow me to continue to bear firearms.

This is a knife related topic, however, it doesn't need to be posted in every forum.

I'll be deleting the other instances of it shortly.


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Jonas is wrong. The Constitution is very much a concern of ours.

I have to add....that the reason i posted all over the place is because im reallly trying toget the word out...due to all the recent school shootings and the fact that Klintons time is growing short....we are going to see some very sneaky stuff coming down the pike REAL SOON...count on it... its imperative that the word gets not trying to promote trying to protect our 2nd ammendment rights....thank you very much....
The only thing gun control does is get its backers re-elected...It doesn't lower crime, or make you safer...That's a proven fact...look at Great Britain or Australia.

Some stuff I think should be done:
-eliminate most federal gun laws, and instead focus on the person, not the weapon.
-If a city filed a lawsuit against the gun manufacturers, the manufacturers should refuse to supply the cities' Police/Sheriff Depts.
-actually find a politician who believes in the WHOLE Bill of Rights, not just selected pieces.
-publicize the anti-gunners who carry.
-publicize the facts.