joined the strider family today.

May 20, 2001
I just recieved my first strider today. The Strider Buck SB1. I have to say i really love this knife. I bought it for utility, read abuse, for jobs that most companies tell you not to do with their knives. It is the most solid, heavy duty knife that I have ever handled. I am used to a Microtech Socom Elite, but I woulnd't dare using it hard for fear I would snap the tip or scratch the finish, this blade seems to be a real work horse. I am interested in an AR, or GB folder, but couldn't spare the money now, so I got the Buck instead. I don't think it is a bad knife at all. Ive read some posts that people have trouble with the liner lock popping open. I read cliff stamps review- he said he has had some trouble with the locks. But I haven't been able to detect any yet. I have already used the knife to pry up carpet from my floor, and chop up my dinner toinght. Its good to go. Thanks for making such a great tool.
Did you get the spearpoint or the tanto? I have the spearpoint.
Man, the knife is pretty cool. I had a small problem with the
knife early on, but Joe Houser (the moderator for the Buck Knives
Forum) is a great guy who helped me out, he could help you out. Also, I've taken the knife apart a couple of times to make my own adjustments, this thing is easy to maintain on your own. Something really cool to get for the knife is a holster Strider makes, it cost only $30.00 and it is really trick. I'm trying to save up for the AR.
Well, that's all I have to say about that.
I got the tanto. I really wish I could sharpen the front edge a little bit. What kind of adjustments did you make? my liner lock doesnt go all the way across the tang sometimes unless you flick it. I was thinking to take it apart and bent the titanium. I don't know is titanium will bend though.
Just keep flicking it until it wears in. If your hand gets tired bring it to a party and let people look at it; they'll wear it in for you. I do that with new balisongs -- they take longer to break in than liner locks, but my friends are always glad to help me out. :)
No real custom adjustments, I just tightened the pivot screws a little, because the knife accidently popped partially open. Luckily
it only brushed my leg before I realized what happened. One peculiar
thing with my knife was the looseness of the blade when I first got it. Joe pointed out that obviously out of adjustment and fixed if
for free. If you ever decide to take the knife apart, don't forget
the loctite. As for the liner lock not going across the tang, I tend to flick the knife open so it hasn't been a problem, although, Cougar Allen's suggestion is a great one. People tend to be curious about
the big knife with it's own holster.
just last week or so I joined the strider family.. and ironically (poetically?) my first knife wasa an MFS.. My first strider :) i never knew it was what MFS REALLY stood for :p I really want tobuse this knife - poured concrete this weekend but sadly no prying was involved.. poo :) great image and attitude to these knives.. I am waiting for a customized MT to go on sale on TAD or whatnot. :)

glad you like your buck strider dude.. I htink I am tossing around the idea of getina folder.. actually it shoudl be called a folding fixed blade.
yeah i like it, i beat the **** out of it today. Took it in the pool, pried a light out of the wall, and chiped a piece off the tip of the blade puncturing a strong plastic/fiberglass light cover. I also chisled concrete and brick off the side. I really gave this thing some punishment. I scratched the blade good, but I dont care, I bought this thing to use, not to admire. Only problem is I chipped the tip, I dont really know how to fix it. I smoothed the tanto edge out on the arkansas stone, but a the very tip is not pointy any more, it is flat. Oh well. I guess hard use doesn't mean stupid use. Im going to use this thing until it breaks, then im gonna buy a GB. I think I would be too afraid to use it hard though, since its so expensive. And i know thats stupid.
sniperboy - I'm sure having an MFS as your first strider is only fitting. As for folders, try saving up for an AR or GB, depending on which blade-style you like. If you want a customized MT, why not order one from Strider or TAD?

zantetsuken - I guess it's a good thing that you chipped the tip of your knife, it says you were using it but like you said, "hard use doesn't mean stupid use." As for breaking a GB, that one may be a little harder to break. My SB doesn't look very pretty but its in great working order.
Hey, thanks man, I think I will. I sharpeded the edge of it pretty good on my arkansas stone, i reshaped the tip on the stone as well, but its kind of ****ed still. I really wish I could sharpen the tanto edge. can you guys do that too? because I don't think i can do it on my stone. someone offered me a spyderco matriarch for this knife, and i collect spyderco exclusively, and this is my first strider knife, but I decided im not going to trade it, this thing is really starting to grow on me. I love the thickness of this thing. I can pry ****, without worrying about it to break. I used to have a CRKT small KFF and I snapped that cheap taiwanese piece of **** on the same pool light. The sb1 popped it out like a zit on a teenager
like a zit on a teenager
:barf: :barf:

You can be a sick **** sometimes bro :D

I'm still packin my SB1 as EDC. I need to get the loctite on it still, Duane, but it's goin strong. I think this knife may be impossible for the average guy to wear out. Welcome to the Strider family... you've seen the light. :cool: