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Jumbo folders: What's good.

Mar 2, 2000
Hi, all.
What do we know about Jumbo folders? they're big. My only monster folder is the CS XL Gunsite tanto. It's a great knife, but is kind of stiff to open due to the locking mechanism, I think. What about the Sifu or others? Also, I used the Buck Filet folder. It works pretty good (two-handed opener) for what it is supposed to do, although the blade is a little stiff for a filet knife. I also have the CS scimitar, which is very easy to open due to the liner lock mechanism. thanks.

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I wear the CS vaquero grande. I got it because I really like CS knives. It is easy to open, has a great lock, and a great grip. Why the grande? Because it was the biggest knife I could find. Other than concelability, I find no drawbacks from large knives.

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Well...I kinda like my new Opinel #12.


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If your a mega-folder fan, get a Sifu and you'll never look back.
I have boxed most of my other folders since I got this one. Oh, I still keep out the Spydies' Military and Starmate and the Bencmade Pinnacle and my Microtech SOCOM Tanto. But only to fool around with.
The Sifu will not leave my right front pocket no matter how much I beg and cajole it to go lie down with the other folders and be a good Sifu, it won't listen.

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Let me tell you about my SIFU!
I have 2 Outdoor Edge Magnas that I'm pretty fond of

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Wow... I saw the topic and right away thought of my CS full sized Gunsite folder. You have a great knife there, edrozen. As far as tac folders go, its top of the line in the affordable zone and even beyond. That very blade rides along clipped in my pocket ever since my wife got it for me over a year ago. Super strong tanto point, clean lines, and a rock solid smooth rolling lock. If you have trouble opening the blade, try "draw and deploy" practice. You might feel stupid as you do it, but you will get faster. And that blade is definitly worth the effort. Regards, max7474
Yeah I love the CS Gunsite. It's too big for me to carry on a daily basis, but when going out on hikes or camping it's perfect. Although I think a SIFU is next on my "to buy" list. Another reason I avoid carrying a "jumbo" is because sometime I get fidgety, and like to play with something. Keys get too noisy to play with, and a jumbo folder wouldn't be very discreet, would it? That's why a smaller folder can come in handy. Call it a "hand pacifier" if you will. oh, that doesn't sound good at all does it?

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