Junglee Armed Forces Series

Jan 2, 1999
Has anyone had a chance to look at the new Junglee Armed Forces Series? I saw an ad in the 2000 Tactical Knives. It looks nice with ATS-34 blade with soft rubber inserts in the handle . The only thing is it doesn't say what the handles are made of or if they come with a pocket clip.

Ray Carr
I was wondering about the clip also. The knives are made in Seki so the fit and finish should be excellent. Normally, I don't care for Junglee. However, these knives don't look like anyone else's work was copied.

Just wanted to let you know I got a reply from my email to Junglee it is as follows:
Dear Ray,
Our Junglee Armed Forces Series are a brand new line of products for us and
we are still awaiting our first shipment. They were expected the first
week of December which was last week, but they have not arrived yet so we
are expecting them to be available on a day to day basis. The folders do
come with pocket clips and the handles are made of aluminum with Kraton
inlays to prevent slippage. I will make a note in our files and will
e-mail back to you and let you know when the shipment arrives and they
become available for purchase.
Jenny Stollar
Executive Sales Associate

Ray Carr