Junglee folders...any good?

Jul 6, 1999
OK,OK...You're right! I am an import from The Firing Line, I admit it! So you can guess that I know very little concerning edged weapons, blunt high velocity projectiles being my weapon of choice. I never carried much more than a case xx lock back, but listening to some of the guys on misc.survivalism and TFL, I decided that my hand to hand weapon was in need of some upgrade.

So whilst on vacation this weeekend I stopped by Smokey Mnt. Knife Works (awesome little shop, I must say) in Tennessee, and purchased a Junglee Shenzi plain blade from them for $29.99. Does anyone else have any opinions on these knives? I haven't heard very much about them, but they seem like they are constructed well. Thanks, HP
Mmmmmm...was that Junglee or Junklee???

I bought a Sahara Jr. (their version of the BM 975) for the sale price of $23, and still feel I got ripped off. Unknown steel, thin liners(which, in a short two months, has worked its way across the whole back of the blade), pitiful serrations, and very heavy for its size. It has rubber inserts that are suppose to help gripping - but they actually feel like slippery plastic that don't aid in gripping at all. In other words, a POS. I would never buy another Junglee again. To it's credit, I do believe I have heard a few people talk favorably about them, but personally, I'd rather carry a steak knife.

You get what you pay for...
Quality aside, never buy rip-offs. That's what most of the Junglee design is. Just other people's designs made in a poorer quality format (though a rip-off's still a rip-off if it's made well). I know most first-time buyers might not care about the ethics of the knife industry, but I feel this had to be said.


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Totally untrustworthy in my experience.

I don't own any of their folders, but I do own a Military Bolo, a Pacific Hunter and 2 of their Short Swords and they are all excellent knives.

Do a search here. I've been the only one that liked the Shenzai....apparently I got a good one...passed all the lock tests with flying colors. That said...
I got it last year...I'm a farmer and had just had my baby so I didn't have the opportunity to really work it. I did this year...the damn thing goes dull in a heart beat (AUS-8). The Spydie BF Native has replaced it, permanently.

I still like the Shenzai, but its only good for infrequent light duty cutting.

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Don't they use AUS-10 on all their blades?

A dealer, once told me that the liner was actually better than the one Spyderco uses. He even tried to persuade me into buying the Junglee Tri point instead Endura. I'm glad that I stuck with the Endura.
Heck for that matter look in the dealer for sale board. I am dumping a boat load of them. Many good and some OK. The Hattori fighter is pretty sweet and the Marshalls are not a bad buy.
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I've got a couple of the Sahara folders and for the price I think they are pretty decent. They are heavy but lockup is good and they are very sharp out of the box. They also come with an allen wrench to adjust blade tension. Some of their products are made in Taiwan and others in Seki. I've heard good things about the Seki offerings.

Cougar, I agree with you on the ripoff issue but didn't realize that it was such a problem with Junglee when I bought the knives. I'll be more careful in the future.


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The new Junglee Tri-Point with AUS-10 steel is a very nice lightweight knife. It opens very smoothly and locks up tight.The handle is very comfortable in the hand . My wife fell in love with the smaller Tri-Point and now carrys it religously and she has her choice of many. The larger one passed all the lock test. I beleive this model will serve you well.