Junglee Foreign Legion or CRKT M16z

Dec 22, 2000
Hi again!!

Now I have decided to purscase a knife, I have two brands to select. Junglee Foreign Legion or CRKT M16z. Wich one has the best steel, best handle, what handle materials are used etc...

It will not be bought for defence or show off, but plain hard work, remember that!!
well, my vote will be for the crkt m16(any of them, but especially the MIL/LE series...becuase they are double ground[my terminology may be off, but i mean it is sharpened on both sides of the edge..if wrong, im sorry and tired])

wait! i see you are going for the M16z...a good knife. my personal pref between the 2. the steel is a little softer, but sharpens up real nice. all my crkts are shavin' sharp. and they are a bit more compact(thinner profile) without losing strength.

i don't know much about the Junglee, but it looks a bit like the smith&wesson swat knives, which i also have, and have beat on hard...but they still work nice, and sharpen right up. they seem to have a slightly harder steel, so not as much sharpening.

how expensive is that junglee? it may be worth looking into the higher end M16 line with the aluminum handles. they are nice, very nice(well, says me) for the price. and i have seen them on www.knifecenter.com for a fair price(again, IMO)

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