Junglee Hattori Fighter...any comments?

Oct 27, 1998
This looks like a nice enough piece, but haven't seen one in person. Any comments on this or any fixed blades Junglee puts out.


I have never handled one of these, but think they look great.
Seems like I saw a clearance somewhere where they were going for around $130.
I almost bought one a few months back.
I got a Cold Steel Oyuban Tanto instead.
DC, who frequents chat, really likes Junglee. Her information will likely be helpful.
I really like it. It is my favorite from Junglee and it is like a decked out tanto!

The serrations on the top side are more useful than I thought. AUS-8 steel rocks, the handle is like a SOG and the feel is great. The leather sheath is great and all for around $75!

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I got a Junglee Short Sword for Christmas... in fact I got two! I like it so much that I am going to keep both of them, one for a spare.
The sheath- could have been molded and riveted a little better, but not bad. A plus is the adjustable strap on the sheath, the one that secures the knife in the sheath. No worries about stretching. It can be tightened because it is adjustable.
The knife- I am very pleased with the blade. Symmetry and grind are very good. Well balanced and very ergonomical. Kraton handle a plus. Overall has a very good feel.
Have not actually used it yet but once I do I will post performance results.

Unfortunately, this is the only Junglee product I have had the pleasure of putting my hands on, but I intend to look into them further.