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Junglee Tactical Vs SRK

Jan 13, 1999
I once had a SRK and wish I hadn't sold it. Should I just get another SRK, or what about the Junglee Tactical? Looks similiar, cost also similiar. How do they stack up?
The Junglee is about an inch shorter on the blade. Handles are roughly the same length. The Junglee feels better in my hand and for a general purpose knife I would rather have it than the SRK. The AUS-8 holds up well, easy to re-sharpen and holds an edge pretty good. The CS Carbon V is a little more difficult to sharpen but holds an exceptional edge. Either one does well with DEET. If you're going with the SRK opt for the Kydex sheath especially if you're going to wet areas. The Junglee's leather sheath is better built and holds up better than the SRK's leather. Matter of fact, the leather I got with my SRK was a POS. Again, overall my vote is for the Junglee - one of the better 60 dollar pieces I have. - Jeff

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I have used the SRK more, liked it better personally. I think the SRK is more of a lopper blade. Vote for the SRK here, thou you might want to ask someone who's used both equally...