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Nov 12, 1998
I have heard very little about these blades on here or knife forum. They use AUS-8 and looks like some good grips too. check out the short-sword and the bolo. wow, really cool design on the sword. I know the bolo will hold up as far as design, but I wonder about the short-sword. I really like the daggers as an alternative to CS's desert dagger. Doesn't have the steel butt but the blade is slightly longer though. Any input or thoughts on this line of knives as far as the fixed blades would be very welcome. haven't checked out the folders, but please feel free to comment on those as well.

This short-sword is the same length and dimensions as the Crain machete from "Predator" that I have been looking for, althought the machete has a much beefier blade. I might just get one of these as well.

I always make an informed decision.


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