Albert I picked up a couple of the Sahara folders at a great price. They have chisel ground tanto blades with partial serrations cast aluminum handles with kraton inserts and a non-removable clip. They also came ina nice little velcro closed vinyl pouch kind of like a minature glasses case. They include an allen wrench for adjusting the pivot tension. They are made in Taiwan. Before CRKT you couldn't have paid me to take a Taiwanese knife. CRKT proved you could do a decent knife at a great price in Taiwan. The only real complaint I have is the clip. It's not removeable and not very good. Other than that, its a lot of knife for the money. I'm not a big fan of the chisel tanto either and I'd like to try some of their other knives.

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Actually, I'm Taiwanese (born in and a citizen of America))
, and Junglee is definately not junk. Many knock off and Taiwanese brands use 420J (the J is probably for "Junk"), but Junglee uses AUS-8 and I heard they have an ATS-34 Marshall out there. It's a very decent brand, definately worth your money.
I have been carrying a Junglee Sahara for a work blade and have been quite happy with it. Very close in size and shape to my CQC7, a lot more weight, but I don't worry about losing or abusing it because of the price. Good steel, and it's been holdong its edge.
A friend has a Sog Pentagon copy,I think its called the Green Beret? not sure. But, it is a very well made copy. The design is almost exact, except for the materials..Aus8 I think? Heck I might even prefer aus over 440A?? But I don't know how Sog feels about this company..I do know he paid less than half of what the Sog costs
I've had 2 Sahara Jr's for about 6 months that I purchased from "The Center" on Special. I had no complaints I could care less where the knife is made from just quality/price.