Oct 5, 1998
Has anyone purchased a Junglee knives? There is very little information available on them. The information on the Sahara Jr. I have found makes no mention of the lock. Does it even have a lock? I can't see one in the photo. Any other comments on any of these knives?
<a href=http://www.tcsn.net/doncicci/junglee.jpg><img src=http://www.tcsn.net/doncicci/junglees.jpg></a>
I do!! Sorry about the scan...the blade is nice and silver...not coated..weird light angles I guess.

This is a Junglee Shenzai ($38 at Big 5 Sports in Calif)..it comes with the pouch and allen wrench.

This is a liner lock, disk opening. Blade length is 3 1/4 inch, overall 7 1/8 inch length. It has a pivot mounted stainless steel clip and kraton inserts in the aluminum scales.

The blade comes either plain edge or half serrated; 1/8 inch at the spine. I half the half serrations...the pattern is a scallop then 2 smaller scallop...repeated 3 times. My only dislike is the AUS-8 blade steel, but I suspect that its only because its not as good as ATS 34. Admittedly, I haven't suffered because of the AUS8.

The liner lock is top notch, the ball detent is sure and definite. The lock is solid and has withstood the lock test with flying colors (in open position, solid slamming of the spine on table edge). The table was dented and the liner didn't move at all. With the allen wrench the pivot can be adjusted so the blade can be flicked open from the detent stop...with no blade wobble.

The handle is beefy but not too thick (7/16 inches) and fits well, very good ergonomics' and your grip is secure.
A nice touch are the grooves for thumb purchase on the spine behind the disk.

Bottom line (despite what some of my friends here say
) I really like it and it is a super deal for $38.
DC, I checked out some of the Junglee folders at a show recently. I don't remember exactly which models I looked at, I think they run the gamut in price. I do know that I looked at 2 or 3 models, and at least 2 or 3 samples of each model. That's about 10 knives, and I consistently saw problems with the liner locks. I already hate liner locks, and seeing even the slightest problem in one sends me running. I did see maybe 1 or 2 that had reasonable locks. On top of that, the whole thing just felt cheap.

And the lock on yours, it's okay? It won't disengage if you white-knuckle the knife, and it won't disengage if you put palm pressure on the back of the blade? How about a light whack on the spine?


I tested it after reading your test method about 3 months ago....
I squeezed the bejeesus...wouldn't disengage.

And as I stated above...not a light whack..I whacked!...dented my dining room table but the lock held solid.

I just now loosened the allen screw...if the blade wobbles the lock will fail (I dented the table again thanks to you
) I tightened it back up and its rock solid again. Doesn't seem unreasonable for failure if the thing is loose.
I agree, you got a got one!

For proper blade tension, here's the test I use. I open the knife, then I thumb the liner aside. So now the blade is open but it's not being held open by the lock. Now I wiggle my wrist. Even though there's no lock tension on the back of the blade, the blade should not wobble on the pivot. If it does, you gotta tighten the pivot back up until the wobble disappears.

I especially like their fixed blades, They have a Kukri that is about the size of the Cold Steel, and feels really a bit nicer- great handle design. Also the short sword is cool. Lots of the other models are 'derivative" from SOG or Cold Steel, and likely out of the same factories. They have a tanto fixed blade a lot like the Tsunami from SOG and maybe nicer (subjective opinion). The Hatorri fighters are unique to them, pretty much- they probably found the design over in japan.
anyone know anything about the junglee babylon. Micarta handled for only $40!
They are good materials, but the action is spotty- some are sticky and they are not adjustable. Great value. They work great but don't expect perfection.

Is the kukri style knife you mentioned their "Military Bolo"??? That's the only one I have seen that fit your description.


Yes- they call it the military bolo, but if you compare it to the Cold steel kukri, it is very close in dimensions. The stock is thinner- but it is AUS8 stainless. Really quite a value.