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Feb 1, 2020
Currently saving penny's at a time to get my oar rig set up. Need to get ready for family day on the river every Sat at least.. I love an oar rig! I rowed the Grand Canyon December of 2013. 14 footer loaded down as the gear boat for the rest of my group. Rowdy. Get your boat together and come hit the Gauley this fall!

Congratulations on rowing the GC! Must have been incredible. Did you run the entire trip as gear boat monkey(and in a 14'r at that)? Serious respect.

I flipped an overnight gear boat dropping into middle Keeny Creek on the New back in the day. Got to swim the meat grinder at 1'...that sucked.

I haven't done the upper Gauley in about 6 seasons, but I'm up for it! I spend most of my days in drift boats on weanie water, but I do have a 14ft DRE that I rig with a stern frame for some real runs, and family overnights. Couple of guys in the front who are crazy enough to trust me, and its on.

James River

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Dec 14, 2019
It has sprung