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  1. Melvin-Purvis

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    Jan 14, 2001
    ----paraphrased repost from KFC----


    I'll tell you a little of what I've learned here in the last year or so...

    There are so many people that read these posts but don't respond...probably 20 to 1, and that's just so sad, so very sad.

    The Randall Made Knives knowledge base here would grow by leaps and bounds if the readers of these posts would just add a few words of their own.

    As you probably know by now, having read some of the posts here, the lack of printed information on RMK's is particularly frustrating.

    If more readers here would stop "lurking", and just throw in a few words, we'd all be so much more enriched, so much better off.

    Anything would help, "I bought this RMK back in...", or "My (friend, relative) bought this knife back in...", or even, "I have questions about this oddball RMK I came across..."

    The funny thing is, it seems that the non-posters feel that the posters know-all...but we don't, we're just learning too.

    I know a little, James knows a little, Rhett knows a little more, and some of the guys know quite a bit...but even that amount of knowledge would only fill a thimble half full.

    What we need is, for all the readers that have a RMK, know someone who does, or even have a passing interest in RMK's, to post here...what they're looking for, what they have, what they've seen, or what they're heard...

    It would be such a better forum if more RMK folks would post here...So, I wish, I hope, and I plead..."Please guys, it's your forum too...please contribute a little, we all want to learn what you know."

    Anyhoo, what brings this up is that in the last month or so, we went to the BAKCA pizza fest at Vito's in Sunnyvale, the Blade West show in Irvine, and the BAKCA show in Palo Alto (sorry we missed ya James)...in all cases, I wore my "Melvin-Purvis" name badge...

    And in all cases, I had people come up and say something like, "Whoa, Melvin Purvis, I read your "stuff" at KFC/BFC/TFC, and you really know your "stuff"...

    When I ask what their "handle" is, they inveribly say something like, "well, you wouldn't know me, I just read, and seldom, if ever post..."

    Five guys...one says he has 60 RMK's, and has been collecting them for 20 years...one that said he had 80 RMK's and sold them all a few years back after collecting them for 20 years, (Yes Randy, that's you), and many others that said they had, or have had, RMK's...and they all read here, but they don't contribute. They told me so.

    Guys, that just isn't right!

    Christ, I'm so new to this that it would make your head spin if you only knew...you non-posters probably know 10 times what I know about RMK's, and I'd give my buck teeth just to hear from you...

    So, I'm no "expert". I'm just a guy that's interested in RMK's, who reads a lot, has no shame, and has way too much time on my hands...

    It would sure be nice if some of you other guys would share what you know...even little bits and pieces. Every piece of the puzzle makes it that much more complete....you know?

    I understand that people are shy, and are afraid of ridicule...that not everyone is as outspoken as I am, as James is, as a few others are...but big deal, it's just words on the screen, and words can't hurt cha...

    So, and again I ask, please post guys...tell us what you know, help build the knowledge base, and help "Our" forum grow. Please.
  2. Wild Bill 1896

    Wild Bill 1896

    Jun 19, 2000
    Well said! I don't make a habit of letting my ignorance stop me from participating.
  3. Keith Montgomery

    Keith Montgomery

    May 9, 2000
    It has just been recently that I have started top be really interested in RMK. At this point I have only had the chance to handle one Randall knife and that was a Model 5 and was many years ago.

    I am a fast learner and will read and try to find as many Randalls as possible. That way, in time, I should learn quite a bit about these great knives. Of course, I will read as much as I can on this and other Randall forums. Every little bit will help.
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  4. Melvin-Purvis

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    Jan 14, 2001
    ^bttt...lol ;)
  5. eveled

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    Mar 11, 2016
    I hope nobody minds the bump to the top. All still true today.

    So many people know so much but won’t post.

    I’m from the opposite camp. I know so little and probably post too much. Lol.

    I’ve collected knives my whole life and Randall’s somehow are special.

    the first one I held I had never heard the name before. It was a “hey check out this knife” moment. when it was handed to me my heart skipped a beat. I just knew it was special.

    It was a Vietnam carried model 1 that a friend of mine was given to take to Desert Storm.

    My friend came back unscathed gave the knife back to the owner. Who sent it to Randall to have my friends name and war info engraved under the Vietnam engraving. Then gave it back to my friend.

    I hope everyone posts and shares more stories. Thanks
  6. cut it out

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    Apr 11, 2010
    I’m no expert but have had 6 Randall’s. What I have learned and know is collecting is fun. But useing a Randall is where you really learn to appreciate and love them. I am down to two Randall’s now but use them and love useing them.
  7. hhmoore

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    Feb 7, 2014
    I guess one could say I've been "keeping" (vs collecting) Randall Made Knives for almost 20 yrs. I wouldn't say that...but, technically it wouldn't be untrue. I ordered my Randalls in the late 1990s. The stated wait time was 1.5 yrs, and it was nearly 3 yrs before I had them. However, I couldn't say for certain, at this point, how I came to know of RMK...or why I had to have one (well, two).
    Back then, I didn't even own a computer; but I did do some looking into the (hi)story of Randall Knives.
    Of course, in the time that passed, I had all but forgotten about the knives before I received notice that my order was ready for shipment. I still had a love of fixed blades; but I was in a period of my life that I really had no use for them... and the ones I purchased certainly weren't suitable for carrying on my belt. (Truth be told, doing so likely would have been illegal.)
    I received them, looked at them, wrapped them back up in their original paper, restored them to the box in which they had come, and tucked them away. Every few years, I took them out, looked at them, appreciated them (or so I thought) for what they were...and, shortly thereafter, they were back in paper and box, awaiting the next visit.
    I have kept Randall knives for nearly 20 years, that is true... but I have never used them. My perspective has changed. Now I recognize that I haven't truly appreciated them, because true appreciation of quality tools is derived from use.
    Whatever I may have learned about RMKs, or the specific models I purchased (2-7 & 12-8), is long since forgotten. I'm the guy that legitimately has almost nothing to contribute to this subforum. Sure, I could post a couple of pictures; but then what?

    *edited to add
    Crap, just noticed that this thread was recently dragged from the depths after 18 yrs. Color me embarrassed...

    ** edited again, to add
    If my 2 RMKs were more - suitable, I guess is as good a word as any - I would strap them on. They might not get used much; but I would enjoy carrying them. I'm not above carrying a knife that isn't strictly legal...but there's nothing subtle or inconspicuous about a 7 or 8 inch fixed blade on one's belt.
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  8. eveled

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    Mar 11, 2016
    I’m glad you posted your story. Yes it’s an old thread. But Sheldon words struck a cord with me and it is as relevant today as it was then.

    For some reason this is a slow place on the forum. I don’t know why.
  9. clk


    Sep 29, 2006
    Well I don’t have any great stories. I started collecting RMK in the late 1990’s when we lived in Hong Kong. I have gone through many phases of what to collect. Now I only collect Model 5’s.
    Here are two of mine.
    The black micarta 5-4” is a bit unique. The 5-4” was not advertised in RMK’s catalog until 1988. But with 7 spacers and a unlined thong hole, it would date it pre 1972. It has a plain button Johnson with a SP13 Stone.
    The yellow micarta is in the other picture because it was next to the black micarta knife in the safe!!?? 309340E9-3D4F-4CAC-8787-618CEA5404A6.jpeg DFD83632-9ACA-4772-8680-21BB93103185.jpeg
  10. clk


    Sep 29, 2006
    Here are a couple of 5-5’s, with sawteeth, I just bought. I am a BIG fan of 5-5’s, with the “old style” blade grind/ non CC and small(ish) sawteeth that comes with them. 222745F8-FB37-495E-9836-5AC4566DE49C.jpeg
  11. Ankerson

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    Nov 2, 2002
    Well, I haven't owned a Randall in over 30 years so I never hand much to add.

    I did like my 1-7 that I had before it went missing though.

    I do have a 1-7 on the way.

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