Just got a CS Kobun

Oct 24, 2000
so there i was thinking to myself what would be a cool knife to have as a carry knife for non-too-utilitarian-purposes... and i came across the Cold Steel Kobun. this thing is a sight, and that alone is a big plus as seeing one may make a do-badder think "uh oh". a big plus. the blade is a US Tanto variety about 5.5 inches long on a short handle. both blade and handle are thin to decrease weight and profile, for ease of carrying. and man, talk bout SHARP! this is not a big ass Kurkhi or bowie, but just about right for a non-folder that can be carried at all times with reasonable or better unobtrusiveness. the sheath is OK, as it is a stiff plastic affair with a robust clip, but makes the package a wee bit large for carry, although still thin. i would only improve the sheath, as otherwise this item is top notch, and at $53.40 shipped, you cannot go wrong.

not much of a review, but hey, i like this thing a LOT!
Hello vactor

I've thought about getting that very model to take along on some of my late night bike rides out in the country. Can you tell me more about the sheath? Is it a "belt only" sheath or can it be configured allow inverted carry? I would like to have something like that attached to the shoulder strap of my Camelback to take along with me.

well, the sheath has a nice, VERY sturdy clip on it that clips wither to the pants, belt or pocket. the sheath is made of plastic, so is inflexible. it also has holes on the sides to allow for it to be tied or woven on to something. i carried it now for the past few days and is not too bad, but a custom one or a different sheath ould make it MUCH more concealable. as it is though, it still kicks total ass!!
I've thought about getting one of these myself but I've got a few questions you might be able to help me with...

(1) Is the blade chisel ground or are both sides sharpened?

(2) Can it be carried 'comfortably' in-waistband or do you find the sheath too bulky?

(3) What about the rubber guard where the handle ends and meets the blade? I have heard that these wear out and tear with repeated drawing...

(4) Have you tested the control over the knife with, say, a thrust into something rather solid at full strength? Is the handle shaped well enough to retain a safe grip or would I have to worry about losing fingers?

Anyway, any info would be much appreciated!

It is Us against Them. Whoever they are.

1) blade is sharpened on both sides, so it is not chisel ground, and the sharpest knife I have ever seen out of the box. almost scary.

2)i am currently carrying it ll day long in the sheath clipped to the waistband in the small of my back at about a 30 degree angle. very comfortable!! sheath is OK, but they could have spent more than 30 seconds designing it, but it is robust as hell and serves the purpose of securing this really sharp knife securely on your person.

3)rubber guard is fine for me. seems others have either a different grip style or something else. does not seem to be wearing at all, and at $53 shipped, i don't really care if i have to replace it in 3 years.

4)i have thrust it as hard as i could repeatedly into phone books and 1" particle board. no slippage in my hand whatsoever. again, this is purely a defensive concealed carrier, so don't expect Full Size Bowie knife handles. for what it is, it is MUCH better than expected and i anticipate no problems at all.
I have a serrated Kobun, which I like a lot. When I bought it, the guard began to peel off - I sent it back to CS, they said that early models had this problem but it was fixed, and they sent me a new one - no problems with the guard so far. Although the sheath is VERY tight.

The beatings will continue until morale improves.
Thanks for clearing up my questions folks. Dangit, now I gotta go and buy another knife...how am I gonna explain this to the wife!?

It is Us against Them. Whoever they are.
I bought a Kobun about 2 years ago and have caried it almost every day.There is NO better,boot/back-up knife on the market.I've owned hundreds of others that were no where near as handy/usefull/sharp.
The lack of a guard does not cause problems for you guys? I liked the Kobun a lot from the catalog, but I was afraid to buy it because of all the horror stories about tendon damage -- and it has no guard.... =\
does the lack of a guard on a tactical folder bother anyone? if it had a guard, it would be of such a shape (the knife) that easy concealed carry would be well neigh impossible. i think people who wrong this knife maybe had a different idea or did not actually handle it. it is much better than i thought it would be and after having it for a week now, all of the negatives i have read about have been dispelled to my taste. other than the fact that it is almost too sharp out of the box
after hearing a few complaints about the tightness of the sheath, here was my solution. i did about 2oo presentations of the knife from the sheath. after eery 10 or 20, i wiped the plastic shavings from the blade. after about 175, i then sprayed one small squirt of WD40 into the sheath, and voila, a smoooooooooth, fast presentation with a great hold on the first 1/2" of the blade right at the guard. perfect.