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Just got a Dremel

Need help/ideas? Tips? There is a Huge thread called "Modifying Knives..." around here smewhere, if you havent read it already. It turned out to to be a Dremelholics confessional...but it is full of tips/tricks...Any other questions you can just e-mail me.


"Will Dremel for Food!!"
"No, it's a Vaquero Grande in my pocket, but I am happy to see you!"
MegaFolderians Unite!!
Dyslexics Untie!

A Crazy Psychologist with a Dremel!! The mind boggles. Flash back to 'The Marathon Man.' Drilling teeth, brrr...

Keep your knives away from this man. Do not admit that you own any firearms. Trust me; it is very hard to learn how to stop Dremeling. Very hard. Walt
Oh no another crazy doctor with a mad Dremel!! YIKES
Now you will find yourself going on a 3 day Dremel binge..You will be polishing, cutting, knotching, checkering, everything you can find...Did you get the full blown super giant accessory pak??

I think there's one forumite that will Dremel for FOOD!--He may now be on the streets, trying to feed his habit..
Oh boy! Speaking from experience, you'll begin to look at anything, including knives, in a different light. Hmmm....Maybe this would look better if it was shaped like this...

Thought all you Dremelers out there might appreciate this link:


It is a sort of home made drill press stand for the dremel. Simple, but looks helpful.