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just got a sharpmaker

Oct 24, 2000
nice!!! been practicing all afternoon with mixed results. getting better. got a DULL kitchen knife reasonable sharp, got my police necklace up to snuff, had trouble with the Dragonfly :/ got my spydercard back to paper chasing ... all in all a great device, i just deed mre practice :)

I got mine today too. Finally, my wife has approved of one of my purchases!! Her kitchen knives are finally sharp, very sharp. I really like this tool. Very simple to use. Now if I could just get that woman to cut up chicken...

J Scott
yeah, I just recently got mine too, I'm totally in love with that thing. I practiced on an old opinel and it now shaves. now I think I'm sharpening crazy. Anything that can be sharpened, will be:D
The Sharpmaker will keep on getting better for quite a while, as you use it and clean it repeatedly.It seems to get a better "bite" as you go along. Enjoy!:D
Has anyone experimented with which order they put the "back bevel" on; before or after the primary edge? I have heard conflicting theories on technique and owuld rather hear war stories than theories.:confused: