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Just got a SwissTool R/S

My wife gave me a Victorinox SwissTool R/S for my birthday. Beautiful piece of toolmanship. Nice and weighty. My problem is deciding which multitool to carry, my Leatherman Wave or SwissTool R/S.

Anyone else have a SwissTool R/S?
Oct 3, 1998
I have a Wave, not a Swisstool. I'm coming around to thinking that exterior-opening, non-clumping tools would be an incredible feature. I don't like the finish on some of the Swisstool's tools, but its other features would probably cinch it for me.

Of course, the Swisstool is bigger and heavier, right? Carry the Wave when you want to cut down on weight.

Is the R/S the one with scissors? I have the original and love it. Only complaint is the slightly rounded corners on the screwdrivers. And I wish mine had scissors.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Hoodoo:
Is the R/S the one with scissors?

Yes, the "R/S" version has sissors. That's why I wanted it. It also has a seat-belt cutter. The "X" version does not have the belt cutter, but it does have sissors.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Joe Talmadge:
the Swisstool is bigger and heavier, right?

The SwissTool is longer and heavier than the Wave, but I am not aware of the SwissTool as being any heavier on my belt.

I don't understand why people who don't like the SwissTool complain so much about its comparative weight. I really don't notice it.

I have both, prefer the Swisstool 99% of the time, as it just seems more solid to me. I do like the Wave and it does weigh a bit less, but the overall feel is a bit flimsier (to me).

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