Just Got An AXIS


Apr 15, 1999
Hello all. I'm new to this board and I just picked up an AXIS with the black coating. Based on posts from this board, I had settled on either a REKAT Pioneer or an AXIS. At the show, I saw only one Pioneer at $140 and then I happened to see a table where the guy had three AXIS' for $80. I went to a few other tables to check prices for the AXIS and by the time I returned, there was only one left - so I bought it. This knife is everything that has been written about it - I just can't put it down. I'll probably still get a Pioneer later as I prefer the 3" blades, but this AXIS was just too good to pass up. Kevin
$80?!?!?!? Wow...good deal..especially for a black one...I think the going rate is closer to $100...for the plain.....I hope you enjoy it...I have been having alot of fun with mine...

Only $80!?!?! Dealer cost is $82.99. What a deal man. I just traded my 710BT for a 710S. The serrated edge looks a lot better because of the recurve, and satin always looks better. -AR

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How can he sell below cost?

He just makes it up on volume!!!!