Just got my Chainpure!!

Jun 11, 2006
Via the USPS today,thanks Yangdu! It is now out on the screened porch with the first coat of tru-oil drying on the handle. I polished it up using #0000 steel wool. It's my first Khukuri and I think it looks very nice. I will probably tru-oil the karda and chakma next. As soon as the handle is finished I will be sharpening the bugger and putting it to work on some palms I have invading my driveway.
So,you guys think of this as a lightweight? Wondering now what the CAK I ordered will be like:eek: .

yes the chainpuri is lightweight...
but your talking about HI khukuris here buddy!
where else can you go where people consider a 12-15"+- knife to be considered "baby" :p

glad you enjoy it :thumbup: :D happy HIKV :)
Thanks jaiofspam only handled it briefly before starting to work on it,but definetely felt some character in the knife. Kinda weird in a way,like a personality.

if you think a 12 in chainburi is baby, you should see something like a 9 inch fullered chitlangi :) hee hee

My chainpuri is extremely light for its length (for an HI). I think you'll love the CAK in a totally different way. :)

Spectre it definetely feels like a light ,and suprisingly, well balanced blade. I have rushed through the handle finish so I can sharpen it today and see how it works on palmetto stalks and light wood. Feels more comfortable every time I pick it up.
Something about the CAK just speaks to me and I had to have one. Next on the list,when I'm financially solvent again anyway, is going to be a horn-handled sirupati ,probably 15 inches or less. So far so good.

Jaiofspam-now a little nervous about cak,will I be able to lift it? :eek:

Jaiofspam-now a little nervous about cak,will I be able to lift it? :eek:


sure!, youll be able to lift it... the problem is being able to put it down ;)
HIKV will take over your body and you will have an uncontrollable urge to chop chop chop.
try not to destroy you living room ok... please do all chopping outside :thumbup: :D

now my 25" ganga ram is a bit heavy for normal use... maybe to decapitate goats or something :cool:

ohhh yeah, cant forget about daves 40" monster!!! :eek: :)

happy HIKV bro..... there is no cure!!!
Well I used the Chainpure for the last two days on some yardwork, cutting palmettos and trimming tree limbs I was removing. I did manage to roll the edge of the blade about 1 and 1/2 inches from the tip. The handle twisted in my hand as I was chopping palmetto stalks. I worked it over until it smoothed out. Seems to work very well removing palmetto stalks and fronds. It's not as good on chopping through wood,though I did cut through a couple 2 inch branches just to see. After spending some time working on the blade I have it so it will take a decent edge. Likewise I have sharpened the karda so it is a little scalpel. I'm pleased with the kukri and it's performance. I feel it works best on cutting palmettos and similar vegetation. Probably good for cutting throats too, but no opportunity to test in that medium has presented itself. I could probably push it to cut through logs and heavier material,but you reach a point of diminishing returns on your efforts,IE there are better tools for that sort of thing. Looking forward to getting the CAK and putting it through it's paces.

What is a Chainpure please? I've gone to the HI site and don't see that model.

Chainpuri are slim and light kukris. Here is a picture of one of mine.


Congrats on your new kuk TWBryan.
Is Chainpuri the model name, like Kobra, for example, or is Chainpuri a type of kuhkri and the Kobra is a Chainpuri.
Is Chainpuri the model name, like Kobra, for example, or is Chainpuri a type of kuhkri and the Kobra is a Chainpuri.

Chainpuri is a style of kukri. The kobra is also a style of kukri.

If I recall correctly the chainpuri is named after a small village in eastern Nepal.
The distinguishing features of the Chainpuri khukuri are the enclosed heart-shaped cho, the lack of a metal butt-plate (only a tang keeper), no fullers, and a typically pointer shape than say a Kobra.

It is also usually close to a 1:1 ratio of length to weight.

The sword-of-shiva may be unique, but I haven't done anywhere near the comparison to state that for sure.