Just got my Commander


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Oct 2, 1998
Just got my first production emmerson, a commander I've been eyeing for awhile but have been waiting for the right price on one, and got it

Anyway it's one of the first 1000 so you get a cute little # on the blade, interesting but not any concern of mine.

Thing is built like a tank, sharp, smooth, good lockup. The blade looks to be great for slashing/general use. I like the fact the thumb disk is VERY easy to get to, too many companies snug it up to the handle so bad it's hard to get at. Too bad the detent is non functional. It will be going back to the dealer I hope cause I don't really feel like paying $15 in shipping to get emmerson to fix it for something that should have been right out of the box.

Other than that it's a great knife, but man it's not very comforting to buy a knife that costs 2X what a BM does and have a problem like a simple detent hole that was not drilled more than 1/64" deep. I might let it go on another knife, but since this one is carried point up, not gonna happen.

Only other complaint I had is for some reason due to the blade shape and it's sharpened 100% on it's edge, no dull spot at the rear, it makes a very sharp little point/hook that points back at your hand when holding the knife, I choked up on it for some fine cutting and drew blood. The dremel will be taking care of that problem.

Jury is still out on the wave as in it's current condition it's unsafe IMO to pocket carry.

Had I paid the "fixed" price of $210...I would be very dissapointed.

Hello Todd,

I just received my Commander today. Overall, a great, robust folder. I agree with you - the detent on mine is similar to yours. It does not grab like the Spydie Wegner, but you can feel the ball seat in the hole a little upon closing. When I first took the knife out of the box, I noticed the blade tension was set pretty loose, probably to accommodate the use of the wave opener. With a blade this heavy and big, with a relatively weak detent, the blade could come open with some mild shaking of the closed knife. Since I am stubborn as a mule, the blade on this knife will be opened via the thumbdisk
So, I tightened the pivot up some. This will help guard against the blade opening slightly while in the pocket. And since the Commander carries tip down, the blade faces the seam of the pocket, so that factor too will keep the blade shut (but different story if the knife is clipped to the left hand pocket). And reaching into the right hand pocket, my hand will brush against the handle spine. In essence, even though I prefer tip down carry for my tactical folders, I have very little worries about the Commander opening up in the pocket.

With this aside, I would like to offer some thoughts about the Emerson Commander. The overall quality of the knife is on par, if not better, than some of the bigger knife companies. I really like the fact that the handle is very comfortable, due to the rounded edges. As big and thick as the handle is, it does not feel boxy at all. As Todd pointed out above, the thumb disk is easy to get at - even with weak-hand operation. The blade is hair popping sharp and ground very well. And it has glossy-smooth action, with a secure lock engagement. In all, I really cannot find anything about the Commander that needs improvement - a very well executed tactical folder! I heard that Emerson Knives will do a production run of Ernie's CQC9 ("Eagle") hawkbill - I definitely will be standing in line to get one!
I've had a Commander for since MArch and I love it but I'm having trouble sharpening it. It's ground on both sides but only sharpened on one. Should it just be sharpened like a chisel grind blade? Any suggestions?


Jason Yang
I sharpened mine the other day, I used a sharpmaker for it and this is what I found works. I used enough of a tilt away from the stone on the blade to get the sharpened side to raise a burr than just enough tilt into the stone on the other side to take the burr off. After I figured out the angle I just eyeballed it. Worked very well, I'd have tried a lansky but I think the flat wide stones would have caused problems.


Hello Jason,

Though I have yet to sharpen my Commander, I heard that using a Spyderco Sharpmaker will work on that recurve edge that is sharpened on one side. Heres what to do: Set up the Sharpmaker so that you use the corners of the hones. Sharpen on ground side only, the on the opposite side, gently wipe the burr off using the corner of the other hone. What you are left with will be a razor sharp edge! Yes, this technique is similar to sharpening a chisel ground blade. Hope this info helps and please post again if you have any more difficulties sharpening the knife.
Dear Todd and Dexter,

Tahnk you very much for the suggestions. I have actually been using a sharpmaker (Spyderco) for my COmmander and I have no trouble getting the angle correct and sharpening one side. I'm actually having trouble knocking the burr off of the other side. Do I lift the blade up a little off the stone to knock off the burr? (How much?) Or do I lay it flat and drag it across?

Thanks again for your suggestions!

Jason Yang
Hi Jason,

Try laying the blade at an angle in relation to the hone and lightly drag the blade across the hone, from the part of the cutting edge closest to the tang to the very tip of the blade. Once or maybe twice should do the trick.