Just got my CQC-8 how tuff are they?

Nov 28, 2005
I love the feel, but how strong is it really? Is my Spyderco CF Military stronger?

btw its a Surefire/Emerson knife set model.
Sep 27, 2005
mines been plenty tough so far . a few days ago i batoned it through a small log with no ill efect and have done some other rough chores fit for a small fixed blade . mines an 05 waved plain edge model, it doesnt have the taper on the front / top of the spine . ernie said he made it more user freindly for close up work. there pretty much the same though. hey didnt i converse with you on the survival forum about something similar? anyway , i havent had any experience with the other knives you mentiond but as far as i can tell the cqc8 is a very tough knife . its design makes it a good fighter but also a good utiulity knife . you should go stab/ cut into some old tires or somethin and tell us what you think ,oh and use the afore mentioned knives for a comparative study.have fun man and be careful.
May 12, 2001
i would say an '8 is certainly as strong as a millie, i have never liked the thin liner on the millie myself, and the millie has but 1 liner vs 2 for the '8, so i would say theoretically the '8 would be a little stronger, yes i know that very few millies have lock probs, still though w/those thin liners.....i certainly like the aesthetics & grip a lot better on the '8.

i would say the '8 is as good as any of them for HD use barring something like a strider AR.

great knives BTW, i have 2 a SF/EKI and a specwar custom w/a zero bevel grind blade, the specwar is my fav edc for the past couple of yrs.
Sep 30, 2004
You won't have any problems with it.
Compare and test the two, and tell us which knife's tip breaks off first. :D
Seriously, it will outlast most other production knives with no effort. The locking liner is made thicker than the non-locking liner, if I remember correctly, and as was previously stated your 8 has two liners (while the Millie only has one).
The pivot pin on the 8 should be a tad thicker than the Millie, as well (once again, if I remember correctly).
Enjoy your new tool. It will be with you for a ling while.