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Just got my first Tanto Bali-Song...

Mar 10, 2000
...and no it is not a 47, not a 47A, not an 11, and not a 69. So what is left?? A BM 44S!!! (with sheath of course!)




The holes are counter-sunk differently on the 44 then on the 45 (44 is on left):


So far I love it!! What is scary is I have several other Bali-Songs in my sights:eek: ;) :)
And as soon as I finish with that post I continue with the traditional ceremony that all must go through when getting a new balisong:

I got cut by the serrations on my left pinky. :eek: The serrations on the 44S are a real joke compared to the serrations on my LCC D/A!!! If the serrations on my Bali-Songs were as sharp as my LCC I probably would have damaged several nerves by now (and probably cut my fingers to the bone....or worse!!!:barf: :eek: ). Such a sweet bali!!! :D
Beautiful balisong man ;)

"So far I love it!! What is scary is I have several other Bali-Songs in my sights"

Happy Hunting
:D LOL :D Thanks, hopefully all will go well. :D Lets hope I don't get too many balisongs, otherwise I won't have any fingers to flip 'em with (or nerves to feel them). ;)

So far I have:
1-BM 30
1-BM 42
1-BM 44S
1-BM 45 2nd
1-BM 45S-HD
1-PC custom Bowie

Forget fingers, I hope I have enough money left!!!!:eek: :p
Awesome 44, If you don't mind, how much was it?

My LCC is the sharpest thing I have ever seen. I got cut by the serration the first time I closed it. I think it's just because you have to get used to the wide blade.
great find, man!
i also am impatient for the arrival of the monarch, but i'm torn between that and the new 47.
I didn't exactly run all over the place trying to find one, I just visit the "For Sale by Individuals" forums and I found this one in the "Production Folders" section. If you look you can see from whom I bought it.
I just talked to Knifemart today. They said they were receiving the Monarchs and will check every one out before they start delivering. The timetable I got was the 1st or 2nd of next month.
If you'd like I'll throw in a BM 45S-HD and an older BM 30 (hollow ground and sharpened by Jody Samson) along with the 44S for the custom!!! :D ;) :p :cool:
Great find, the #44 is my favorite of all the Balisongs that came out in the early 90's. I remember drooling over it when I first saw it in Fighting Knives magazine. I only wish I picked up a ton of them, When they could be had for $70.
Anybody have any thoughts on the differences between the countersunk holes? The handles look like the countersinking of the 42 but the shape of the 45. Thanks.