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Just got my hatchet and need help to get it sharp!

Nov 26, 2006
I went with a 28oz rigster from Plumb tools because it was the best price FREE! Anyway I love the balance of it for hacking limbs and quartering but the edge from the factory leaves something to be desired. Any hints, technique, etc...?

;) I know Codger knows...teach me please wise one.:)
get out the old file, then finish it off with a stone, and you'll have an edge that shaves, and leaves little to be desired ;)
For new hatchets that need the edge redone, I start with extra-coarse DMT to shape, followed by coarse, fine, and extra-fine. Then I strop with 600, 1000, and 2000 grit paper on leather, and finish with a strop loaded with green compound. It results in a fine finish that is far better than anything from the factory.
I agree with the above posts. If that hatchet is any kind of good steel, you can make it as sharp as you like, and are willing to put the effort into it.

Gotta warn ya though... you may find you enjoy tuning it up, and that will likely lead you into messing around with more hatchets and knives and old letter openers and gawd knows what :D
See? You didn't need my help at all. Each guy has his own system, own edge profile preference. It is up to you to find yours. Some like to leave the edge rough, straight from the bastard file. Some like to smooth and polish their edges. Heaven forbid you resort to a bench grinder. Use that on your lawnmower blades and chinese knives!