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Just looking for some input....

Oct 28, 2005
I realize that there are 2 sides to every coin, and 2 sides to every story. Occasionally I read threads with requests of or from Buck Knives for upgraded steels,custom inlays and unique blade and/or frame configurations. Buck accommodates BCCI with super rare limited runs on different models of knives, and do the same with some of their larger distributors. These rarer models become very collectible and highly sought after because of their rarity and limited supply. This keeps values on the high side. Since I consider myself a collector, this side of the coin, brings me pleasure.
Now for the flip side. I'm a knife fanatic and a consumer, and always want more of a good thing,and feel that if I want it, I should be able to buy it. If Buck were to become more diversified or accomodating, say through the Custom Knife Shoppe, would this have an affect on the values of knives previously made?
Just as an example, drop point blades. I really like my BCCI fundraiser 112 and 110 with Stag and drop point s30v blades. Would these knives retain their high values, if s30v drop points became an option available at the Custom Knife Shoppe? Since less that 200 of each were made, would only that many folks be at risk for a downturn on value.
Or, would these 200 be the same 200, and possibly more potential buyers, that might purchase another Stag s30v drop point, because they like it enough not to care if the market is flooded with great knives.
Do decisions of this nature fall on 1 man at Buck? I hope not:) (and I really hope it's not Joe's shoulders)
ahhhh my two friends
time for the two centevous of mine!
i feel the limited nature of most of the collector bcci knives will cause them to hold value.
some like the DM stag Nk withthe club logo have increased.
i jest paid over 200 for the one i have...
most collectors knives non club are selling for much less then issue price.
but are holding at what they are.
the exception are the production of less then 200...
that seems to be the majic number.... check and see!
250 is kind of break even point...

fruure collectors wont want club membership numbers on them at all
they will however want some number...
buck jest has not devloped a system if order of issue or name
custom seems to be first with no xxx of XXXX maby jest a xxx
next seems to be limited with xxx of XXXX with year stamp
then it is jest issue without numbers and a year stamp.
personalyu i go for romon numbers for year issue
based on year one of hh buck and son.
issue isgreat for future collectors and issue is at normal retail
so these norman retail users will increase in vlaue if they are not over 2000 total
there you are correct
on the limited bcci issue of lessthen 200
they will hold then increase for our kids
so it is in the limited numbered xxx of XXX that will be a pivot point also..these will drop in value for a good while but provide a good collection value fro thefuruure kids of today...

jest my 2 lira worth or is it yen?
dont 100 yen = 1.00 US ? or so close it is not funny
and no dont read any thing in to that either!!!!!
jest a comment folks it is china and themideast we need towrooy on...
I think that I agree with most of what Dave said:D ;), and Scott...Buck should find a way to ID or mark(or not) the BCCI issue knives that would retain their exclusivity. If then offered by the custom shop marked another way.

I don't favor etches or numbering.

The Master Series as an example(are they numbered?)...the originals are out of sight, price wise...the overruns(sans medallion and checkering) and those regular bladed look-a-like knives do well in sales/resale.

Could Buck take advantage of this by offering more options in the custom shop, sell more knives, get more folks involved? Preston
As I get older (is 37 old??) I tend to be more and more interested in knives that I may have used or that I longed for when I was a kid. Custom and limited edition knives are nice, but don't have the same appeal to me as a good user.
I personally believe that offering more selection on the Custom site would spark more interest and I know that I would buy a few. Is it cost effective for the company???? Thats the big question.

Members - don't flog me for this - But, I dont care much whether it affects the value of collectibles - I prefer being able to purchase the highest quality available over keeping the value of a knife that sits in a box - never to be used or even sold.

Dont get me wrong - I love to collect - but its just more important that my EDC have the perfect blade and scales - Thats the one I look at and handle every day. Thats the one I want to be just right....!!

...just my two cents...
As far as the stag S30V club drop points go, if they were to be available as standard production items, I personally think it would actually lessen the value of them in general as a whole.

Let's look at the opposing point of view: Has the clip point lessened in value generally because it is available from the Custom Shoppe??? :confused:

I don't think availability will diminish the value of the clip-point BCCI knife...In fact, *if* Buck were to offer the clip-point in other steels, it might actually increase the value of the S30V clip-point BCCI 110...
OK, I misunderstood you & Scott...You're saying if you can get the exact same configuration from the Custom Shoppe, not just the blade...

I wouldn't like that either...I'd like to think that the drop-point 110/112 blade is available only to BCCI customs...so if the BCCI wanted to raise more money this year by bringing out a NS/smooth Water Buff/no FGs/no pins/premium steel drop-point 110/112, then it would be exclusive to the BCCI run...you could order a Custom Shoppe 110 clip-point in exactly the same configuration, but it wouldn't be the same...

[size=-2]In fact, that is what I did (thanks to Mike Kerins inspiration!)...a clip-point 110 to match the BCCI drop-point...[/size]