Just ordered the Ki403A1, updates to follow as I go.

Discussion in 'Kizer Cutlery' started by Friek, May 31, 2015.

  1. Friek


    Jan 17, 2007
    Of course the thread will be updated as time goes by with arrival thoughts, possible disassembly for cleaning and lube and usage results.

    Me buying a Kizer seems to go against everything my past purchases and thinking of what goes into building a quality knife. This happened when I saw what price they were selling for.
    After liquidation of my nicely sized knife collection over 3 years ago and going 2 years with no pocket knife I decided I really needed one again for EDC. I needed great steel with a superb build that should last many years as an only knife. I've always loved Ti frame locks and great looks with fit and finish is always preferable.
    M finances now suck, but with my brain still intact and being previously spoiled by the likes of ZT,PT,KRC ect I knew I was in for nightmare of a compromising purchase as the $100 budget wouldn't even get me a used knife like I was used to.
    This would be a well used knife by all means since income restrictions made it hard to even get this.

    After an evening of visiting a local knife shop full of disappointment I figured the net was my next step.
    I never heard of Kizer before yesterday,now I own one.

    In all honesty it would cost me $200- $400 to get any other knife with just the physical characteristics and specs in this knife. During my research the build quality and implementation of the parts scared me with every line I read online before the order was placed. I must say that overall I was amazed at what owners of the knife had to say about their Kizers. Most were higher end knife users and collectors which from what I remember is very rare about a Chinese made lower than normally priced knife.

    $92 shipped with USPS priority from BladeHQ is a plain steal if it meets my expectations from my research.
    I'm not sure I'm sold on the drab green G10 but a dye job can easily remedy that.
    I knew going into this I wouldn't sacrifice on blade steel no matter what, even if I had to deal with the rest of the knife being a nightmare. No compromises were given here, thank's to Kizer.

    I know I sound hopefull, and no I don't expect a 100% perfect knife out of the box as even at 4x this price point cleaning and adjustments to my liking seem to happen on everything I've purchased in my past.

    Only time will tell the outcome of my story, and hopefully it starts midweek with the mailman.
    This anxious poster will be back with the rest of the story as it plays out!
  2. Hackenslash

    Hackenslash Platinum Member Platinum Member

    Jul 25, 2014
    The Ki403 was my first Kizer, purchased around 2 years ago. I now have14 Kizers! The 403 remains one of my favorite EDC blades. It's an absolutely incredible value.

    I think you'll be pleased. I'm looking forward to your review.
  3. Omega Leather Works

    Omega Leather Works

    Jun 13, 2007
    Super cool. I'm very much looking forward to reading your thoughts on the knife.
  4. Friek


    Jan 17, 2007
    I had just noticed this wasn't I forum I used a lot during my learning and collecting days.
    While no expert, my post count isn't much reflection imo.
    I know this wasn't brought up, just saying I'm not a newb. Just been out of the knife scene a few years.

    Good to hear it's a favorite edc, especially since it will be my only blade for a long time.
    My order shipped today, so I'll be mailman eyeballing a lot.

    One thing I do think I may miss is a flipper on the blade spine, but that's a personal like I just overlooked before ordering. I've read the thumb studs can be a bit edgy, that's an easy fix.
  5. Friek


    Jan 17, 2007
    Just got the knife in the mail today and spent a few hours looking it over and making sure it's operational.
    Pics will happen tomorrow as I was holding off on them until I knew for sure if I'd be immediately taking it down for cleaning and inspections. I won't be taking it apart as quite frankly why screw with a perfectly working tool.
    Meaning it needs no adjustments out of the box with this purchase. Plus it was clean as hell.

    Dislikes list will be short and trivial.
    1. No flipper by design. I wish I would have went with that option as I do like a flipper lever.
    2. Drab green G-10 isn't the best looking color imo. The black ki4403a2 is the black model.

    Yup that's all I found lacking,no damage or poor craftsmanship,or shoddy build.
    Everything is tight as any folder should be lockup and blade play wise.
    Operation is smooth,but a notch on the tight side. Which is fine with me as some lube fixed half of that and the rest will loosen up with use.
    The build quality is as good as I imagined and I had very high expectations after reading the reviews for the company's line.
    Paper shredding ability out of the box.
    Detention and lock bar required forces were perfect for me also.
    Only rough edges are the ones designed to be there,the bit more than needed edges of the thumb stud can bite a bit. As well does the edge of the lock bar when disengaging it. Easy sand job for picky people, but I'm glad it's like this so I can do it myself if need be.
    Weight,feel and size are perfect in my 6'4" 275lb frame and hands.
    The blade is perfectly centered and locks up vey tight, no play can be found anywhere in its path of rotation to lock points.
    Action is smooth and tight and even after lubing no grungy looking over flow came out indication of dirt in pivot before assembly.
    If it was handed to me 3 years ago in the days of collecting I would have guessed $250 knife and $300 if they had blinded it up a bit with some spacer anodizing and such. I will be flipping the clip to tip down when I find my metric knife wrenches.

    The grind is sharp and even and I love the blade design. Nice hefty long spine thickness for strength.
    Imo it can compete and beat some big boy knife makers costing 2-4x as much, so far as only time can truly answer that.
    I will be reversing the clip so it's top down when I come across my metric knife bits.

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