Just stopping in to say hi

Jun 3, 2001
Some of you may remember me (hopefully SOMEBODY does). I used to post here all the time but I have been so busy with school lately I just haven't had much time, not to mention I have been too poor to buy any new knives. Lucky for me, I finally got my student loans in, so I have a new Surefire G2 with lanyard on its way to me for an early self Christmas present. Hopefully one of these days I'll get a new knife.

With any luck I'll start posting a little more frequently here, and even if I can't afford anything new, I'll be hanging out in the community forum.

Welcome back!

I'm not familiar with you, I'm still fairly new here.

Damn, you have money for a SF but no knives? Na, I've been wanting a light for a while too. A better one anyway.

See you around.
Heck yeah, I remember you Snow. I know what it's like to be unable to buy much.
It's good to hear that you're putting your school ahead of time online. But it's nice to have you back!
How do you like the Surefire?
Glad to have you stop by.

Just remember, some day you will graduate, and then you'll go back to buying knives again. DON'T get completely out of practice. :p
Hi Snow, you do sound familiar but welcome back anyway.

Hope everything is working out well for you. :)