Just struck Khukuri gold!! Attn. Craig...

Oct 4, 1998
I have been following the thread lately about your products vs. the H.I. khukuris.
I came home this evening to find a UPS package sitting on my doorstep. My girlfriend is travelling in Nepal right now and the package was from her.
In the box were 4 khukuri knives from the Khukuri House (I assume your supplier...). The models are a Service #1, a Kothimora, a Nepal Army, and a Jungle. The Jungle and Service #1 are very similar. The Jungle seems a bit more crude and unfinished, both the scabbard and the blade. The Kothimora is identical to the one on your page except the velvet is black. The Nepal Army issue (and it does include documentation that clearly differentiates the Nepalese Army from the Gurkhas) is smaller in size than the other 3 and seems to be just a smaller version of the Service #1. The Service #1 has *NEPAL 1999* etched into the blade. It is the only blade marked in this way. All 4 knives came with wooden display stands and they all have accompanying chakmak and karda. The blade of the Kothimora, though more highly detailed than the others, has no dragons engraved on it.

Is the Khukuri House your supplier? If so, then I can attest that these are the genuine deal. All seem to be of very high quality and I have found no flaws in any of them. Granted, I'm no expert on khukuris, but the handles are all rather comfortable to my grip. I have never held an H.I. product, but I do have a CS Gurkha Kukri and an LTC kukri, both of which I really like. I am also sorry to say that I will not be thrashing any of these knives so I will have no *test results* to give. They will all be put on their respective display stands and take their place in my collection (I will continue to use my CS kukris for thrashing!!).
To anyone else interested-
If this is Craig's supplier, then he is offering a quality product that is the real thing. He makes no false claims except that slight discrepancy of the difference between the Gurkhas and the Nepalese Army. All the knives that I have received are of high quality and all have documentation of authenticity straight from Nepal...

I had no clue that these were even coming. I find it rather strangely coincidental that they arrived at the time the big debate was going on with the other thread. My girlfriend knows I collect knives so she just decided to hook me up.
Take it for what its worth....

Well, it looks like the obvious question is:
Does your girlfriend have a sister?

The Nepalese Ministry of Commerce has a website at
complete with export statistics. Khukuris are a major Nepalese export, with 4,330 listed as being exported in 1996/97. There is no question that many quality knives are produced and exported via various sources in order to sustain this trade volume.
Orion, thanks for your encouraging words. I'm actually surprised by the number 4330 as the number of khukuris exported. I thought it would be more than that. This year alone, I hope to import a proverbial "boat load." As mentioned in other threads, I think it does the country of Nepal good, is great for knive enthusiasts, and is obviously good for me too. If you ever have a problem with your khukuris, Orion, you can send them to ME for repair or replacement.