Just What Do You Want Your Watch To Do?

Some run of the mill things

- accurate time
- alarm
- water resistant enough for shallow diving
- shock resistant
- stop watch
- countdown timer
- dual time zones
- indiglo-type backlight
- day & date

Now, here's a feature I'd use a lot. Often, I want to remind myself to do something within the next hour. I could set the alarm, but on a digital watch that's a lot of fiddling with buttons. Instead, I want this to be a very simple and easy operation, so my important feature:

- <1hour alarm via rotating bezel

Add the rotating bezel short-time alarm to almost any run-of-the-mill digital watch, and you have what I want.

Excelent responses gentlemen!
Gollnick; Seiko has a watch that downloads time from sats and you can sign up for sports score, stock ex prices, and a few other offerings. The band is the antenna so you have to keep it.

One last thing Gollnick: the scotch/watch item is another thread, as we all know that the scotch is carried in the walking cane!

Thanks guys. -Brian

I was a Casio Data Bank kind of guy myself until I got a Palm Pilot. I use it as a peripheral brain at work for drugs, etc. Plus it's got all the other stuff for phone #'s, memos, alarm (my ears are shot from shooting so it doesn't help that much), calculator, etc.

When I replaced my watch I went very basic and rugged. The Israeli Military Watch Seal Model. It tells accurate time and day of the month. With the tritium I can see it in any light (even when it's a half dark/half light environment) with out having to use the other hand to "turn it on". And I'm really beginning to appreciate the quick visual time indication I get with analog. I had forgotten!

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Must be analog.

Digital watch you have to READ the numbers, Analog, just glance at the face for hand position. Much faster. Also, time calculations are much faster with an analog watch, at least for me. If I need to know what time it will be in 3 hours and 45 minutes, just look at the face, no math
. You can also get a general idea of direction, point hour hand at the sun, 1/2 way between hour hand and 12:00 is south. (this is accurate to about 10 - 15 degrees so it won't replace your Brunton Pocket Transit.)

Must be waterproof to reasonable depth

Easy to read!

My close vision is really going fast! I can still read the bottom line on a 20 foot eye chart at 20 feet, (the line all the way at the bottom that says "Printed by . . .") but I can't read the date window on my watch without glasses to save my live. I'm getting old enough that the wheels are starting to fall off.

Stop watch

We are talking Chronograph here for same reason I need an analog face.

Night Visibility

Self luminous is preferable to back lit but either will work.

Steel bracelet with security latch.

My current normal watch is a Chase Durer Chronograph (dress and work watches are different) I need to find a new analog Chronograph. This one is too busy for my old eyes. I need to find a large watch with simple markings that isn't cluttered up with useless functions. I have an old Longenes that would be perfect except the band is broken and can't be fixed or replaced, and it has become too delicate over the past 30 hears to be reliable. Maybe it is time too look around and see what I can find.
I've been a Timex Ironman and Casio G-Shock buy, but have lately switched to a Seiko Titanium chronograph that has withstood a terrible amount of abuse. The now fabled "first five" seem to cover most of my needs, but a secure 128-bit encrypted satellite uplink, GPS, James Bond-issue garrote, and fold-out Lansky sharpener would be burr-nips.

Joe, Timex, of all people, now have a watch that has an adjustable alarm bezel that you simply rotate to the time you want the alarm to go off (up to, of course, 11 hours and 59 minutes ahead) and presto, it's set. Don't know if any of the watches with this feature has some of the others you listed, but if they added this to an Expedition, for example, or another model with both the analog dial (to incorporate the bezel alarm feature) and the small digital window (for timer, stopwatch, and conventional alarm functions), it might be just the ticket.

Since reading some of these watch threads, I'm thinking about soing a bit more simple, but high tech, and trying to save up and track down one of the grey-market Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive "Tough" watches from overseas, it's simple, elegant, but really damn cool. Just like knives, so many watches...

Don LeHue

The pen is mightier than the sword...outside of arm's reach. Modify radius accordingly for rifle.

Joe was talking about a one hour timer, though. I've been thinking about that ever since I read it ... I'm actually beginning to think a plain analog watch with no other feature, just a rotating bezel timer that works off the minute hand instead of the hour hand ... that might just suit me better than my digital with all the bells and whistles.

Is there such a thing available??? I have some vague idea I may have seen a watch like that in a dive shop once....

-Cougar Allen :{)