Just Wow

Aug 30, 1999
This could be the coolest Sebenza I've seen.

I thought all the Tanto blades were NICA ?

If it were only Left Handed. :(
Dec 23, 2003
All of the Tanto blades did go into NICA knives. My guess is this individual purchased a second face and had the custom CGG done in silver contrast and switched it out for the NICA face. Faces are interchangable, backs are not.
Oct 25, 2004
My guess is that Mike Taylor above has hit the right answer. I asked the owner/person who posted this on ebay in October for a starting bid of $600 (which I don't recall ever being met)--how the knife came about. I specifically asked what happened to the original Nica slab/side -- was it replaced or somehow smoothed over. I did not receive an answer to this question, although the person did respond that he drew the dragon and the two small Chinese symbols near the rear of the handle (for wisdom and strength) and that Mr. Reeve did all the other work--the "cut[ting]."

In any case, I bet a lot of folks including me would enjoy a chance at owning such a great piece of artwork--but too pricey for me!

And the gentleman who owned it and sketched it has considerable talent, too!!

Did anyone buy it?