K.I.S.S. beefs

Jan 6, 1999
I just bought a stiff kiss a couple of weeks ago, all in all not bad, BUT.... the second day of having it I almost lost it because the Chicago style screws loosened themselve through body movement and fell off, and then yesterday, I happened to be walking by my dartboard and got the inkling to toss it into it. The kiss ricocheted off the aluminum wires and fell to the carpeted floor. When I picked it up and looked at it the edge had a HUGE curl in it! Its a big enough ding that I have to regrind the edge. So, is it just me being "abusive" to my knives or is there something unsavoury going on here?

P.S. I live in Canada and paid $67 for it


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$67!?!?!?!?!?!?!!....You have been ripped of....You have been ripped off....If that is in Canadian, that is still over $43 or so in American. MSRP is only $29.95 American. Egad....I got a bridge to sell ya

THe Chicago bolts need to have loc-tite on them if you want them to not work loose (or if you are cheap like me you can just slightly defom the threads with a pair of pliers).

I have to agree that the steel used is a bit on the soft side, I was tossing mine into a phone book and missed, it hit the carpet, and the cement underneath, and it curled the tip just a little bit, nothing that couldn't be fixed be using the Dremel. It is made of AUS-6 (I think) which is not a premium steel. My guess is that the sheath costs about as much as the knife to manufacture. As a knife, the Stiff KISS works well enough, but as a projectile, it isn't the most durable.



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If you want to throw a knife - get a throwing knife. Obvious, isn't it:)
I have a stiff KISS which is attached to my bushwalking backpack. It stays there, and means that whoever uses the pack has a knife handy. It's cheap, sharp and has one of the best sheath/carry systems I've seen.
I don't expect it to outperform the custom fixed blade I carry in the bush. But as a secondary knife, it's great.
I will be buying more of them - because they are cheap, sharp and can be put just about anywhere.
If only they weren't chisel grind.........
I guess paying double is the price you pay for living in the Socialist Republic of Canada.(just kidding) I guess you are lucky you can still buy a knife there. The Stiff KISS sells for about $20 to$25 here in Oklahoma.
Actually P35, I've noticed that knife laws are more relaxed here in the S.R. of Canada

The only thing here thats illegal is automatics and push daggers, been great since they tossed the length law. Could be worse, could be living in New York

Oh, and Trevor, I wasn't saying that I was throwing it on a constant basis, it was once. I just cant believe that a thin aluminum wire would curl the edge like that
BTW i agree about the sheath, probably the best I've had on a factory, 'cept the screws.

I am considering getting myself one along with my next purchase, but I have a couple questions? Are the serrations worth it? The knife isn't really that long, and the serrations look a little strange to me.

Also, I second the chisel grinde gripe. I thought I heard that they will produce one with a drop point, any truth to this? If so, how far away?

And last, what's your favorite method of carry? I'm a student, so I dress casually. I would prefer it if other people didn't see it, but I want a FB to carry.

thnx, pk
O.K. I thought the serrations would be awkward too, but it seems to flow into the rest of the blade alright, plus you can purchase the model without them. About the drop point model, it already is a drop point, in fact, I don't think there is anything but. For your situation(student) I guess I would recommend wearing it as a neck hanger. It can sit underneath your shirt and no-one's the wiser. My personal favorite is to wear it under my arm like a shoulder holster. But I did have to make the rigging myself for that.
Hope this helped, but use loc-tite on the screws

Have fun and keep it sharp

I got my Stiff KISS on Friday and I'm very pleased with it, but there's just one thing that puzzles me...I was experimenting with the different carry methods, cord-wrapping the handle etc. I couldn't try the clip-carry because I don't have a tool to get those tiny black screws attached. Are those Torx-screws or what? I could always go to a hardware store and ask about them, but it's easier this way.

Yes, those are indeed Torx screws. Size T-8, to be precise. Took me almost 3 weeks to find a flippin T-8 Torx bit for the darned thing!!! BTW, I got mine at Radio Shack- it comes with a little ratchet and a bunch of sockets and bits for like $8.00 US.

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you paid $67 Cdn for it? I live in canada, i got it for like...maybe $30. Who ripped you off? we'd like to know... and i've had the same problem with the screws, i lost one the exact same way.
I was so irritated about the screws, I called CRTK and spoke with someone. He sent me six phillips screws. You think they might take the hint if a lot of people complained?

Hey Jadis, I bought mine in the store called House of Knives. I wrote an email to CRKT and basically got a "sucks to be you" response from him. Mind you, he did thank me for buying one and suggested next time I use loc-tite. Right now I'm using a standard old bolt and nut to keep it together

Oh man! Prices like that are exactly why I started my company!

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I am also in Canada and there is also a House of Knives near where I live. The markups are insane. I can actually get knives cheaper (including shipping) buying them from the states even when they get opened and I have to pay duty and inspection charges on them. Micras there for example are $40 CN or $27 US (don't forget there's tax to be added on that yet).

With small screws like that you have to use Loctite. Make sure you get the milder version if case youever want to get them out. I know guys who have used clear fingernail polish with fairly good results. I've got no complaints with the Torx screws. They are much less prone to stripping then are Phillips of the same size and the bits are widely available in the states. If you are having problems finding them try an auto supply store---all new cars use them. If you get the individual bits you can add them to your Leatherman tool adapter kit and you will always be prepared.