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May 6, 2000
Does anyone out there have any experience with the K.I.S.S. knives from Chesapeake Knife and Tool?

They appear to me to be simple, utilitarian, and yet a really unique design.

Well, if you mean Columbia River Knife and Tool, then yes. I had a Stiff KISS (tanto blade, plain edge), which I sold because it just didn't fit my hand. The knife itself was a great deal for the money, and came out of the box quite incredibly sharp. Not as high quality as some other knives I've handled and own, but I haven't seen any better quality-to-price ratio (kinda like one of those exotic sports cars being the best, but many of the mid-range cars being much better performance-to-price, even if you can't make it above 150MPH).


I carry the folding K.I.S.S. with a spearpoint straightedge. I do a lot of travelling and go through security at airports/courthouses/gov't buildings and I don't have a problem with this knife, especially when I use it as a money clip. I have the P.E.C.K. folder on my keyring. Beware of this knife. If you are not careful, you can inadvertantly open it in your pocket and cut yourself (I have not had this occur with the K.I.S.S.) These knives are an excellent value; I am very impressed with the C.R.K.T. products. If only they offered the K.I.S.S. with a Wharncliffe blade!
I own three of the KISS knives, an original plain edge tanto, a Classic KISS (straight-edge clip point), and a Sampson's KISS (straight-edge spearpoint, larger size at 3").

I like these knives. They aren't necessarily the best for really precision cuts, because they are chisel-ground blades. But they are extremely sharp, and for general-type cutting serve quite well. My favorite of the three is the Sampson's KISS. Smooth operation, solidly built. DO NOT twist when using these knives, or you may accidentally unlock them and cut yourself, although it hasn't happened to me.
YEP ! the K.I.S.S. is a great bang for the buck.. I have carried the tanto kiss for over a year - with the clip - right side of my body - This knife may not be for leftys or all people but it fits me and holds up well. If carried loose in the pocket with other things - keys change etc. there is some tendancy to creep open but as money clip or in right hip pocket no problem.. I'd play with it a bit at your local blade store to be sure of the fit in your hand and the feel of it first - but recommend it highly. One thing to note don;t expect the edge to hold up like an ATS 55 or 34 of AUS 8 - but it is very servicable.

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I went out and bought a KISS when they first came out. Tanto blade with partial serrations. Great gadget factor. Non-knife people are just amazed by it. Mine has held up pretty well. I even ended up using it to trim shingles in Mexico when nothing else was immediately available. It needed sharpening, but it took an edge pretty well, and I still carry it. It's another one of those fun-to-open-and-close knives that you play with while watching TV or whatever. As long as you have a hex wrench to tighten it on occasion, it should provide many years of fun. Great deal for the money.

Daniel D.
I think the Stiff KISS is a great little toy. I keep one hanging on a ball chain on the back of this computer chair. You can take them and try out all different kinds of handle wraps,You can figure out all sorts of neat ways to carry it around with you. Its sort of like a secret agent knife all the different ways you can hide it.I also say that it should get the award for the most knife for the least price. Sure it isn't wonder steel and the sheath isn't zydex but for around $20 bucks you can't go wrong.
I have the smallest folding KISS (the PECK) on my backup keychain. Really neat little knife with surprisingly good lockup. The edge was shaving sharp and the entire knife had a nice subtle bead blasted finish that looks nice. The design seems to necessitate a chisel grind on the blade so straight cuts require a little more effort than a "regular" flat or hollow grind.

Either way for the money it's a pretty neat little secondary folder. I wouldn't use mine as hard as say a Spyderco DragonFly or other small lockback but it is pretty handy nonetheless.