Ka-Bar blade finish gettin worn off help needed


Jul 15, 1999
Hey there I posted a couple of days ago about my kydex sheath scratchin my new ka-bar blade. Well the next generation finish i wearing off after 2 days and the finish is almost gone just the bare stainless steel is showing. And that is only after 2 days what should i do with that part of the knife? Is there a finish or product i can use so that it isnt jsut bar steel? Help please! Thanks
I don't have much to tell you, but maybe I can bring this back to the top so that someone else will have a better reply. It is the next generation K-Bar, right? Isn't that the one with the Sandvik stainless steel? If so, it shouldn't need the coating for protection, if you do even minimal maintenance on it (oil). Right? Or am I wrong about the steel?

As far as restoring the coating, I don't know that there is much you can do, unless you sent it out to be recoated, maybe with Black T or something. But, that would probably cost nearly as much as a new knife.

Sorry I can't be or more help. Good luck.

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I'll bring this back to the top too. Kinda curious if anyone knows the answer to this...
If it were the 1095 version, I would be tempted to say try the Gun Blue™ that you can get a most sporting goods stores. But, I don't think that would work on stainless. Of course, if it is stainless, then it is mostly just a cosmetic worry, right?

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It is Sandvik SS, 12C27 I believe. Just wipe it with a Tuff Cloth and that will eliminate any corrosion worries. As for the scratches, Welcome to the wonderful world of Kydex!

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I hate to tell you this, but that's what happens when you paint a blade and use it. Yeah, it's special baked-on paint and it's tougher than anything you can just spray on, but it's still paint. Paint wears off. Kydex sheaths only accelerate the process.

You can take the remaining paint off and you'll have a plain stainless blade. If you had bought real steel you could blue it, and although that wears off too you can easily renew it, but you can't blue stainless. Or you could buy a knife that isn't painted in the first place and save yourself the trouble of stripping it off when it gets scratched and worn. Or you could just ignore how ugly it looks; that works for some people....

The stuff has to be baked at a temperature that most handle materials can't take -- in fact I think any handle but metal has to be removed -- and that co$t$ $um buck$ -- and then it'd only get scratched up again....


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Hey, at least we got an answer. I say ignore it, who cares what it looks like, what it performs like is my big concern.