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KA-BAR! D2 Extreme Folders ...

Nov 16, 1998
I see KA-BAR has some pretty cool looking one handed liner locking folders now with D2 Tool Steel. The handles are anodized aluminum and support a removable pocket clip. Blade configurations are:

Tanto .. plain edge
Spear Point .. plain edge
Hollow Ground Clip .. combo edge
Hollow Ground Drop Point .. combo edge

I don't like tool steel for blades, don't need to worry about rust, would rather sharpen more often, but I thought this may be of some interest to some of you who prefer or are looking for knives made of D2 Tool Steel if you already are not aware of this new knife!

Hi Mark
I started a similar post awhile back.I believe Bob Dozier designed these.
Can anyone tell me where I may see pictures?

Walk in the Light,
KA-BAR's first folders in a while
They look to be well made workhorses for a competitive price
Check out the new Blade page 121 for a pic. I really like the looks of these.
I liked the looks, too, and the use of D-2 is a huge plus for me. Unfortunately (for me), they're liner locks, sigh...