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Ka-bar D2 Extreme


Jun 1, 1999
Has anyone had a chance to try one of these out? I would love to find out how smooth they are, how ergonomic they are, etc. etc.




Found these pictures at triple aught design.
Hope they help
Looks pretty neat.
The blade to handle ratio doesn't look very efficient.

Bah, who wants a guard, anyway. Guards are for sissies who can't handle a little losing a few digits

Would that allow me to qualify for handicapped parking then?

Man this handle design looks like re-attatchment surgery waiting to happen. OUCH!!
Care to explain to a beginner what exactly is so bad about the handle? Seems like a normal handle from what I see.
In a tactical knife, I prefer a little flaring of the handle just before it reaches the blade to help prevent my hand from slipping onto the blade.
Regarding this knife the thing I remember reading about it was that it is a Bob Dozier design.The article was in Blade a few months ago and it generated much excitement because Dozier was involved. Now when ever I hear or read about these knives there is no mention of Dozier. Did something happen to spoil this colaboration ? Does Dozier not want his name involved ? Inquiring minds want to know.
Well Tuff,
Look at the pics and you'll see that there is barely anything to break up the handle to blade transition. If this knife were to be used in an "extreme" situation there is nothing to index on. When exerting downward pressure during a heavy cut, there is nothing there to keep your pinkies from riding right on up the blade. OUCH! I REALLY love the idea of a D-2 folder, in fact I've been praying someone would JUST DO IT for a long time now. But I'll have to pass on this one because I'm uncomfortable with the handle design. Tactical/utility/defense or whatever, that straight handle to blade design gives me the willies.
Ahh, I think I see. You mean that there is no grove that kinda goes inward so your index finger can kind of tuck inside so it doesn't slide up to the blade. It seems there is one, but too low I guess it is? That what your referring to?
Just got one in yesterday with a plain edge. I like it so much. It's for sale already.


Tom Carey
How much did you pay Tom? what kind of point? hey, how long is the blade?
Wow, I'm a senior member now. I guess instead of asking all these questions, I should know answers to some. =)
hey Tom,

I noticed your selling your knife (and read it was a spear point). What about it didn't you like exactly? I wanted to get one..

Quite a few things really. Big reason for me is it's too small. Of course I always go for the full size folders. It was so dull out of the box it was not even funny. Very sharp now though. I wish I could say my Sharpmaker did the trick. It did not do a thing for it. Even let my best bud try. No go. So at work he fixed it rite up on my good ole cheapo Smith tri hone. Wish I could sharpen knives with a regular hone like he can. I am a dealer so I will not say what I paid for it.
Let's just say I am not really marking it up much at the price I am selling it for now. If you find one cheaper They are not making money on it haha. The reason for the price is even though it was not used that much it does not have a factory edge so I consider it to be a used knife. Which means a reduced price. It seems like it will hold a heck of an edge for quite awhile and is very stout. The liner is quite thick IMO and if the blade were to open in one's pocket I would have to be there to believe it. Needless to say the detent works very well!
With my new Schott cpm 3v fixed blade I figure I just don't have a reason to keep the Extreme. I will be reviewing that and a gorgous drop point from Jens Anso very soon.


Tom Carey

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