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Ka-Bar Extreme Folders

Dec 15, 2000
How do you knife knuts feel about Ka-Bar Extreme Folders?


Extreme Folders on sale
Even better prices on the D2 Ka-Bar Folders

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Very nice folder.

I have the half serrated clip point model.

However... It is very hard to open from new and takes a lot of breaking in. While it is hard to open, the tumb disc seems to small for the job. The blade is to small for a half serrated edge, but the ka bar serrations do work very well so that is ok. In hindsight I would have gone for the plain edge, but I got mine the first week they came out and no plain clipoint was out then.

The steel is fantastic!!!

The clip will need removing and bending to make it tighter.

The blade has no wobble at all and the liner lock is ROCK solid.

However the thub disc becomes a rust magnet for thumb sweat, even using Tuf Cloth.

Get some Teflon grease and spray into pivot area to help breaking in.

DO NOT attempt to loosen the pivot screw. It will strip right away...DOH, the size is a T6, which is PATHETIC for a pivot pin. No chance for me stripping the knife down not. Mabye Ka Bar use superglue on this part?

All in all the solid scales, nice lock up, super smooth operation (after a few weeks!) and great D2 steel make this a great little folder. The small blade size helps a bit in public as well!


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They are a b_itch to open. The thumb disc sucks. I check one out and it was so hard to open. Don't waste your $ on it.