Ka-Bar next generation fighter, what do you think?

I am considering the purchase of a Ka-Bar next generation fighter. Do any of you have this knife? What's your thoughts on it?
The reason I am considering this one is because I am needing to purchase another fixed blade for use around camp. My family and I go on extended backpacking/hiking trips in the Applachian mountains. My youngest son (3 years old), has staked claim to my Buck fixed blade, this is the knife that my oldest son (7 years old), usually carries on his belt. If you have children then you know the fix I am in! I just want you folks to know that my children are always supervised with their knives, and only the 2 older ones are actually allowed to use a knife, the youngest one gets pure satisfaction from just being able to carry one and call it his own.
Anyway about the fighter, I want to purchase a fixed blade for my oldest son to take along on our hiking,hunting,fishing, trips. He gets the satisfaction of owning and carrying it, and I will put it to use around camp. Any suggestions?

Jan 6, 1999
I personally would suggest the new small Ka Barr original for a 7 year old.

The smaller size should be easier for him to control and the price will be less painful if he loses or damages the knife.

I purchased this knife for myself because I prefer smaller knives in general and I have enjoyed it thoroughly.
I'll suggest the short USMC too as it'll probably make a better utility knife for most, but try it out as the handle might too small for some. For the price of the stainless model you could get the standard and the short.
I handled a KBNGF at the local gun show and it feels comfortable . But I was not that impressed . Also it is hard to find out what the contents of the steel are .

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Hey there I have both the Next Generation in the 7" blade and the original. And I would stear away from the USMC, get the new one just with a leather sheath. It holds an edge better and the handle is a lot more comfortable. Take it from me I learned the hard way, bought the USMC first then the Next Generation. Hope this helps!
Check out the Knife Review section where some Forumites were giving the NGF high marks.
I have taken some of my boys to the knife shop and had them hold one, boy, their eyes about popped out their heads -- they loved it; however, it's just too big for smaller hands.
I would have to agree, the USMC Shorty would be more appropriate for a seven-year-old. Plus for the price of NGF you could throw in a full-sized one for yourself.
As a suggestion, there's also the Spyderco Bill Moran FB01, which has a large following in BladeForums. It's a smaller fixed-blade made out of VG10 stainless and an excellent handle. I've seen them posted in the For Sale forum for a good price, too.
Also, for something unique, well priced, and strong check out Sean Perkins small fixed blades.
There's a lot to choose from, have fun!
While the carbon steel seems to be a good buy at the price, 1095 makes a decent enough blade, the stainless doesn't seem to be as much of a bargain. It's easy to start looking at some of the VG10 or other steels in other makes at that price range.
The Ka-Bar Next generation is an excellent knife well worth the price. It may be a bit big for a 7 year old though. If worst comes to worse, you can keep the Ka-bar for yorself
I don't think the performance of the knife would be the worry, but the size. I'm thinking maybe something a bit smaller, such as a Cold Steel SRK (6in) or maybe something even smaller than that like 5-5 1/2 range. You know your kid best though, and what he can handle, so I'll let you decide....
i have the old ka-bar and use it for most everything. i'm 14 and like very large knives, something around 16". you should take him to your local army-navy store and see what he likes. for knives it's better if you pick your own out. or you could get him the original, it's durable and well worth the $50, plus you can tell what steel is in it!