KaBar Next Generation

Feb 23, 2001
I am interested in getting a KaBar Next Generation Knife. There are two models, one with a High Carbon Cromium Blade and one with a Blade made from D2 Steel. Is the D2 blade worth the extra $$?

Depends on what you're going to use it for. D2 is a lot harder but rusts a lot faster; it's worth the extra money if you're going to be using this knife hard.

If you don't intend to be using the knife quite so strenuously, the standard blade steel is more than adequate.
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If they heat-treat the D2 properly, it should hold a much better edge than the stainless (they use Sandvic 12C27 I think). I would the think the toughness would be quite comparable, but 12C27 may be a tougher. Corrosion resistance is obviously an issue (12C27 having the edge), but D2 is still quite corrosion resistant.

I think Ka-Bar has a real winner with its D2 USMC fighting/utility knife.
I would buy the D2 model without any doubt! I have used a number of Ka Bar knives and own a few. I decided to pass up on the 12C27 range. I found the rust resistance of my D2 model quite adequate with proper protection and the edge holding is in a different universe. I also found the 1095 steel range holds a very good edge and is amazingly tough. Go for the D2 model, I did.
Excellent! Thanks for the advise. I will shop around and see how good I can do on the D2 blade.

If I have a good month in July, I would love to seriously look into a Project I or II. Those are incredible knives.

Thanks again.
D2 is not the best steel for a large fixed blade knife, its best usage is in smaller blades, that being said, it is not terrible, it will hold an edge better than a stainless blade.

the problem is that hardness roughly equates with being brittle, Chris Reeve uses A2 wich is not as hard as D2, but is a less brittle steel, so it is less prone to catastrophic failure

but i would prolly buy the D2 blade, since i cannot afford a CR