Kabar- USMC vs. Black

Nov 2, 1999
I would like some advice on which Ka-Bar to get. Should I get a regular USMC with the leather ring handle or the black one with the Kraton? I have heard complaints about Cold Stell's kraton handles. Also, regular point or tanto? It's going to be primarily a camp knife.
Hi OMRie,

Choosing your right KaBar is not so easy.
Personally I like the leather handle better then the kraton.
Take a little test in the knife shop. Take a leather KaBar in your hand with the blade in the other hand and try to twist the knife as hard as you can. Do this also with a kraton KaBar. The feeling of friction in the hand that holds the handle is different. Choose the one that feels best.

The point, never trow your KaBar unless you'r an expert. Think about what you use your knife for on camp. Opening cans goes best with a regular point. A regular point dulls easy when digging. For most tasks the point shape is indifferent.
You use it as a camp knife. The point off the blade depends on if it's your only knife.
A regular point can be used to make little holes, be it in your belt when you get skinny by hunger and your trousers want to fall down....

The eye wants something too, look at it as if it was female....

Good luck