Kabar Warthog

Nov 28, 1998

I am thinking of picking up a kabar warthog to go along with a SAK that I always carry when hiking.
I will be spending much of the summer in the mountains of N.C. and north Ga. day hiking with the family, does any one have experiance with this knife? How does it perform as general purpose knife?

If your speaking of the Ontario Spec Plus Warthog, their was a nice article in a knife mag for July I think. It's either Blade mag., or Tactical Knives I think. It showed how the Warthog held up to everything this 3rd. world country's military needed it to do. I guess it's their standard issue. They even tried to snap in in half I think. -AR

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If you like the Warthog, take a peek at Newt Livesay's "Sniper."


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I must admit, I have been tempted to buy a KABAR Warthog. It retails for less than fifty bucks, and I think it would be both useful and sturdy. Now THERE is a knife that will flip the pancakes AND spread the jam. Carry and use the Warthog and people will know you're not a slave to fashion.

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I continue to sing the praises of the warthog's blade shape. Except for the length of the guard on the spine side, the knife is just about perfect for utility camp chores. Steel holds up reasonably well and is very easily resharpened. It is light enough for backlpacking and the handle doesn't slip when it rains on you. It has become my number one camp knife and our 16 year old has his very own for scouts. You will not be disappointed.
I don't own a Warthog, but I do plan on getting one. I do have a USMC fighting knife and I love it. Kabar make some serious tools at good prices. I don't think you will be dissapointed by the quality of any Kabar.

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