Kabar's D-2 Extreme

Oct 6, 1999
I just got one in the mail and have been playing qround with it. The D-2 blade is a sharp one and although I haven't really dulled it out, it comes back quick. A bit heavy in the handle, but very manageable. That knurl nut for the blade opener almost took off my thumb! They must have cut it with a laser, 'cause it'll rip some flesh even before you get the blade out. However, a diamond file "softened" the feel. Otherwise, appears to be a solid blade.

TANGUS, how smooth is it? What blade style? Does it lock up solidly? I have been interested in this knife but the lack of a guard has kept me from buying it. Do you feel like your fingers might slide onto the blade under heavy use?

How solid is the lock-up on the liner lock? Have you tried white-knuckling or light spine tapping? I think D-2 might be my perfect folder blade steel, but the liner lock holds me back a bit.

It's a pretty basic liner lock, but it locks up tight. There isn't any guard type, so I suppose your hand could run onto the blade. i've got the clip blade with serrations.
I've smacked the spine on this puppy till it whelps and no close up. Just seems like Kabar could have done just a little bit more refinement on the folder before turning it out. Especially considering how much they want for it on their webpage ($100+)
No hand guard is right. It's non existant. The one thing that kept me from buying one