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Kailash Blades workshop visit from a Fan!

Kailash Blades

Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Nov 21, 2015
Today we were lucky enough to have a visit from a long term fan at the workshop! He's been a big supporter since day 1. Got to check out a bunch of knives that were in production, get hands on and dig the balance of some larger blades and meet the squad!




He left this little overview of the experience on our facebook page:

"Thank you for the warm welcome guys! Thanks to Bisnu Thapa for reaching out and also for picking me up. I was very happy to meet the Kailash Blades team, chat and interact, and see firsthand the many blades you all have in various stages of preparation. Very impressed with all of them. Things that stood out:
- All the blades and scabbards are being made to very high specs.
- The bigger blades all look impressively huge but it’s deceptive because they’re pleasantly lighter than first glance would make you think, while still retaining the heft needed for their size and purpose. They’re also very well balanced with that lively feel of better quality blades.
- The Pensioner and Mutiny are both impressive khukuris, I can see why they’re so popular.
- I love my Kailash HSI, and feel myself drawn to the many HSI laid out on the table.
- Similarly, I’ve been eyeing the Regent Bowie for some time, and when I handled one in person I could see my intuition was correct, it’s exactly how I thought it would feel, definitely will be on my next order.
- Loved those little Cursive blades too.
- Handled a Scrouge, haven’t been a fan of this design as I prefer the old-school look, but boy, when you actually hold it in person, it feels so “right,” in every way. Very impressed.
- The work you guys are doing with stacked leather and micarta handles are top notch and headed in the right direction. That Pensioner with stacked leather handle was beautiful, so was that Plain Jane Bowie with sand-colored micarta handle.

You guys have a good set-up here and I look forward to see you guys expand and grow in the right direction. Wishing you all only the very best!"