Kamikaze Dagger

Jun 17, 1999
Does anybody know about the kamikaze dagger from CAS Iberia. Is it any good? The ad says that it has a forged blade defferentally tempered with a temper line. I'm thinking of getting one from knifecenter for $124.00
I was wondering about that myself. Can anyone out there give us a review?


Tom Carey

Check out the knives of Clayton Morris and Steven Burrows at CGA online.


Just got mine yesterday. I will not be giving it a full test as I bought it to dispaly with my Nambu collection. I was polishing it and putting REN wax on it I forgot about my finger placement. Very stupid me! I ran my bent finger into the blade. It comes factory sharp enough to cut to the bone with a two inch strait movement.
I did not feel the cut until I saw it. As far as the quality and accotraments they are first class.The quality of the construction is fare + there is a little slack in the blade/handle juncture. The sheath is first rate on sewing, fit, color.

I would not hesitate to reccommend this knife to anyone that likes this style.
CAS has done a great job

These are made by Paul Chen's company -- same that makes the Shinto Katanas. They make blades out of railroad tracks in Manchuria.

You might want to check http://ww.casiberia.com for their line of fully mounted tantos. They look better, but cost more ofcourse.
I was considering one of the daggers to compliment my Shinto Katana. I got the Katana about a year ago, and it truly is beautiful. I'm not sure about the dagger's functionality, but I will say that the Katana is more to be polished and displayed than to be used unless you remove the menugi and put a more user friendly and durable handle on it. The dagger I believe is all wood so it's probably quite more functional. They (my Katana at least) come real sharp as was mentioned above.

The Shinto is a great buy for the money. Especially if you polish it up to 2,000 grits to really reveal the hamon, shorten the handle, and relaqcure the scabbard.

Their new Golden Oriole is more functional, but is still semi-combat ready. But unless you're willing to spend 3X the price, you're no gonna get anything better.