Karambit..your experience for someone new to emerson

Jan 2, 2007
im interested in the karambit folder..any detail i could get on experience with one would be great..
i love mine. super fast, very easy to handle.

as a police officer i have always carried a knife on my strong side. our defensive tactics unit recommends a knife be carried weak side to defend against weapon take aways and such. i tried several, but kept dropping them and couldnt open any knife with reasonable reliability with my left hand.

enter the combat karambit. the finger ring virtually guarantees i wont drop it and gives me a good positive grip. with the wave mine has opened without fail every time from my left sap pocket.

the blade shape does not lend itself to use as a utility blade. imo it is strictly a weapon.

so now i carry two knives.
You may want to get a blue trainer as I have cut myself up pretty nicely spinning my razor sharp Emerson combat karambit around.

My karambit cuts are generally badges of honor....unless I am spraying out copious quantities of blood, which happens from time to time.
though i havent ever even seen an EKI 'bit in real life i had a master model tarani 'bit and didnt like it at all,

it wasnt any kind of a utility knife, it was difficult to open, i didnt like the angle of the blade to the handle, the big ring stuck up outta your pocket a mile.

the blade angle to handle ratio on the EKI isnt as extreme as on the tarani so that would cure one prob, the wave would cure the hard to open thing, but it is still pretty much weapon oriented and the ring would still ride high.

anyway 'bits arent for me.

chocolate and vanilla i suppose, i would handle one before i bought one though.
so i gather operation with left or right hand is a given

well, the reason i specifically chose the combat karambit was because i could operate it with both hands. i have clips on both sides so i can carry strong or support side.

but that is only MY purpose in carrying it.

i hope i have helped, your last post is a bit confusing to me.:confused: