Karesuando Knives?

Jan 4, 2001
Anybody got any experience of Karesuando knives from Sweden? Quality? Design?
Dec 31, 2000
I have a Karesuando Wolf that I bought from Magnum Knives in '97 for $40.95. It is a beautiful piece made in Sweden, with a handle of birch and reindeer bone.

I don't use most most of my knives; they're for looking at, and my Karesuando is no exception. Therefore, I won't and can't make any comment on the steel or it's fitness for any particular task. But I will say that it is very comfortable to hold and appears to be well-made. Worth every penny of $40, even if just to look at!

I'm sure someone more into actually "using" knives (if looking at them isn't an actual use) can give you more specific information about the abilities of these knives.

Best Wishes
Bob W