Katie's First Christmas!!!

Jerry Busse

Aug 20, 1999
Look Daddy. . . Santa ate all of the cookies!!!!


"Yay. . . . My first Christmas present ever!!!. . . . I think I'm gonna like this whole Christmas thing!!!"

not bad, jerry, not bad at all. i knew you were good at something. :D
Nothing but the best for her I'm sure :D Looks like a very Merry Christmas at the Busse home.
Very nice Jerry! Looks like you guys had a great Christmas! So whats in the box? That a certificate for her first grinding lessons? Gotta get her started early to follow in papa's footsteps;)
That is EXACTLY how I looked when my Ruck came yesterday!! And I have the same hat too!! :D :thumbup: :D

Very cute little critter - And nothing beats the "Firsts" First Christmas, First birthday Party,............................. First BOYFRIEND!!!!! :eek:
Look's Like Katie had a great first Christmas ! She sure looks happy, and she is cute as a button.
G-d she's cute !!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer's looking great too, your a lucky man !

Thanks for sharing the memories !!!!

The first Christmas is always a nice one. Looks like a happy crowd. Wait until she can ask for things!
Wow, great pics! She's a cutie for sure :thumbup:

I've got one named Katie --- she's 10 now :confused: They grow up too fast. Enjoy that little bundle :D
What'd she get?!! What'd she get?!! :eek:

Great pics, Papa!! :thumbup: