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Katz knives


Nov 3, 1998
Anyone have any experience with Katz brand knives? I got a catalog from them and their prices seem fairly high--are these really quality production knives? Also, I have never heard of the types of stainless steel they use--any info on this??


Guy, they are pricey, but seem to be good knives. Look around for good discounts. The steels they use are pretty much similar to AUS-8 and 440C. They have their own terminology, but that's all it is. These stainless steels are good working steels, that hold a decent edge and have good impact resistance. I have never heard any bad reviews of a Katz knife.
Cobalt, are you speaking from actual experience with Katz knives? If so, I'd very much like to read your review of them.

I've asked on this and other forums, repeatedly about Katz knives, and I can't even find anyone that admits to owning one, much less a side-by-side review of them. Where do I need to look?

I could be quite interested in some of their larger folders, but before springing that much for even the discounted price, I'd sure like to hear from somebody that has used one enough to give a head to head rerview.

Actually the only Katz I have is an alley Kat fighter. The knife is about 0.2 inches thick, 13.5 inches long and quite light for it's size. As far as strength is concerned, since it is a saber/dagger style blade with a decent false edge on it, I don't expect it to be super strong, but as a fighter which is what it's designed for, this thing excels. Handles really well and the quality is about equall to the SOG knives. As far as their steel, they call it the XT-70 or 80 but it is nothing more than AUS-8 or 440C or something along those lines. They just like renaming it. They have some of the nices knife shapes going and I have read some review on these knives and they have been good. In fact I have a 1996 review of the Alley Kat. Maybe I'll scan it in and send it to you.
There is a mention and picture of Katz knives on www.equipped.com. I do not recall on what basis they were reviewed, I believe it was positive....for survival type use.

Cobalt, You must have a lot of reviews. Have you ever seen one of the Gerber Paul knife, or better yet possess one that you would be willing to scan and send to me? Thanks.
Donald I'll check to see if I have an old review of one, but chances are that I probably threw it away. I keep only the magazines with reviews that interest me and that, unfortunately, was not one.
mps I own large Katz folder with a serrated blade---I know how much you like them, that I picked up at a gun show for $50. I've never used it but the fit and finish are excellent and it is very solid--very tight lockup. It came with a very nice leather pancake sheath. I've handled several of these knives at shows and they appear to be very well made although the fixed blades I've seen tend to be quite heavy. They do have some interesting designs but the list prices do seem high. I would also be interested in a users review.


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I have seen various mentions of the Katz line in the magazines, and they were all very good, to the effect that Kztz are sleeper.

I would get one of their SWAT folders, but I hate plastic thumb studs.

One of the local dealers has a couple Katx, and he rated them highly... He is a good guy

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