Katz knives??

Dec 31, 1998
Once again, I have managed to get myself in over my head. During our daily knife "discussions", someone brought up Katz knives. Needless to say, I was speechless. Anybody out there know anything about these knives? I've checked a few websites here and there, but no "hard" evidence. Even the magazine article doesn't say too much. So, are these quality knives, or do I just say they're "okay"???
I'll be posting a reveiw of the Katz Cheetah (large lockback folder) in the review forum sometime this weekend.

Thanks mps, I'll be looking forward to seeing how well it performs. Then I can make an opinion, instead of a "guesstimation".
I happened on a Katz Lion King in a store that was closing them out, and got it for a really good price. I have not used it except to carry it, but it feels good in the hand, and seems to be well made.

There's a site now: www.katz-knives.com - and the same model is discussed on Doug Ritter's 'equipped to survive' site. If the steel is decent during hard use, I don't see how you could go wrong an a typical internet discount price.