KBA and my new Moose are awesome!


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Aug 1, 2011
I hadn’t had a chance to write this up until now, but I wanted to share with you how lucky I am to be the recepient of some amazing generosity from one of our own.

I contacted Brett, (aka KBA), a little over a month ago, showing interest in his Campagna SFO GEC #66 Blood Red Jigged Bone Moose. At the time, he was not interested in selling the knife, and I understood why! Fast forward to two weeks ago, Brett writes to me, asking for my address. He then tells me that he wants to gift me his SFO #66. I asked if I could pay him what he valued the knife at…he said, “no need…I wont carry it and I want you to have it.”

I received the knife this past week and it is a thing of beauty. I had been searching for one of these SFO’s for a very long time, and now I’m the proud owner of yet another fabuolus Campagna SFO. The knife showed only a few signs of use and it was easily a 9/10.

I always carry my knives in a leather sheath, but they all get used. That being said, it’s only a matter of time before this beautiful knife develops a patina. So what did I do? I accelerated the process! I know this may be a travesty to some of you, but I take great pride in my hard-working collection. Thanks again Brett!!!

Iphone pictures…






Thanks for sharing Armando and congrats on a fine knife! :thumbup:

Brett - You are awesome! You Rock! :thumbup:
Way to Brett, you are a valued member her my friend, your input, generosity and kindness speak of your character:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
Yes, I have had a few dealings with Brett. Honest and forthright guy for sure. Great member here as well.

Hats off Mr. Brett!
Great knife from one of the finest I've ever met online. Kudos to both of you. As for forcing the patina, it's your knife. Do as you please with it. That's my opinion.
Congratulations, Armando, on that marvelous Moose! And thanks for sharing your good fortune here, and acknowledging your gratitude to Brett.

Very thoughtful and generous gesture, Brett, and it's admirable the way it fits in with one of your recent posts about downsizing your collection. Well done!!

Yes, I have had a few dealings with Brett. Honest and forthright guy for sure. Great member here as well.

Hats off Mr. Brett!

But not shirts off!! :eek::eek: We've seen that here before!! :D;):D

- GT
He is giving me a harness jack from the Golden Give Away. These things aren't cheap....Brett are you feeling ok?
Nice pics! Well done, Brett!
Beautiful knife Armando! Great shots also. Very generous gesture Brett. Armando, carry and use it as often as you can......great looking knife.

Very generous of you Brett, typically so my friend :thumbup:
The handles on that moose are exceptional! Very nice indeed. The 66 is just a great pattern and perfect size for me. I have a Jack and love it.
Armando, it looks great my friend!

Just in case you guys didn't know Armando sold me a beauty of a Charlow that he hoped I would carry and put to use. I thought it would only be fitting that he should get to carry one he had been looking for as well.

The pics are amazing and I really like the patina! I like how you hit the back springs as well. I've done that on a few of mine and really like it.

Enjoy it good sir.
Armando - Congrats on a super nice gift and a great knife. Use it and enjoy it!

Brett - You are truly generous my friend. It gives me pride to see a fellow from my home state being such a great ambassador to all of our forum friends.

~ Ron
Brett is one of the BEST, as I can personally attest. And the color of those covers is outstanding.

All the way around it, a beautiful gesture.